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Open | Software Ps5 bricked, any ideas?


Was trying to play saints row when it hard crashed my system afterwards it said the game was corrupted and needed to be deleted. While redownloading it my ps5 turned off and won’t boot back up. Turning it on it will go to the repairing storage screen and after that will restart. When it restarts it shows the logo for a while then goes black, the blue light never stops blinking. Cannot boot into safe mode, turns off after second beep. Was able to get it up for a few minutes after trying for over an hour, but it fell back into the same cycle a few minutes later. Tried plugging it into a different outlet, even leaving it unplugged all night, nothing seems to help. Anyone have any ideas before I have to send it in to Sony?

r/techsupport 14h ago

Open | Networking Is it possible to open your pc to be remote accessed only by specific devices? (outside your own network)


I would like to make my desktop pc connectable to my laptop when I'm not home. How could I achieve this without also opening it up to everyone else on earth? Is there some sort of whitelist where I can only allow that one laptop? Or maybe a 2fa system where I have to use my phone/click a link in a email before it allows a connection?

If anyone knows how to do this without it being a huge security risk, thank you!

r/techsupport 9h ago

Solved I don't understand how drive reading and writing works


So I'm needing some help in understanding and differentiating how reading and writing works, specifically in relation to how drives relate with each other when transferring files.

What does one mean when reading from a drive? What does one mean when writing to a drive?

Say I have a SATA SSD and an NVMe SSD. If I transfer a file from the SATA SSD to the NVMe SSD, does that mean that the NVMe SSD is /reading/ from the SATA SSD and the SATA SSD is /writing/ to the NVMe SSD? And therefore, does that mean that the theoretical max transfer speed is whatever the lower number is of the two (in this case, the lower number is the write speed of the SATA SSD since it is slower than the read speed of the NVMe SSD)?

Or am I just overthinking this and in reality all I need to look at is the write speed of the two drives?

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Open | Windows Weird pop up when starting my new PC


Hello, i got a brand new PC three days ago, so far i only installed some games via Steam and Epic and some programs like MSI Center, MSI Afterburner and ICue to control fans, lights and such.

My Problem: Everytime right after i start the computer i get this Pop up asking me which app i want to open a file with:


i tried to open it to see what it is but when i do it for ex. in Editor its just a blank page. I have no idea why i get this and it annoys me since the PC is brand new and i did not do much with it.

I hope someone might have an idea whats wrong.


r/techsupport 5h ago

Open | Windows Game still taking up space after removal.


I installed Sea of Thieves on my laptop which is like 70-100ish gigabytes, with about 7 gigabytes left of storage, so after playing I uninstalled it when I saw that I only had 7 gigabytes left, but my storage is now at 14 gigabytes and the game is still taking up space somehow, I removed the trash bin files but that only got me to 25, can someone help me please.

r/techsupport 6h ago

Open | Hardware USB wireless transmission


Hi guys, I'm looking for a piece of equipment that would allow me to connect my gaming controllers to a usb transmitter and receiver that would allow the signal to be picked up wirelessly so I can play my games essentially remotely. I want to easily connect to my consoles from any TV in the house. I've figured out the video side of it, now I just need to figure out the controller inputs. I can further explain if needed.

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Hardware PC not turning on


So i finished building my pc and it wouldnt turn on so i did the paper clip test on the psu and the psu is working but when i plugged it into the pc it would turn on for less than a second then it would switch off.Can anyone help?

r/techsupport 7h ago

Open | Data Recovery Can I get art back from a deleted art app


My school tablet has the procreate app and a few days ago it was deleted accidentally due to a something, and now they have finally gotten the app back but everything inside is gone. Is there anyway I can get them back?

r/techsupport 7h ago

Open | Windows Computer turns on but nothing else does?


My boyfriend's computer occasionally does this thing where everything connected to it doesn't turn on (i.e keyboard, monitor, mouse, headset). Force shut down a couple of times and sometimes it turns on. I've read that it could be the motherboard, but I don't know much about computers. Also, once it's on, it works just fine.Any ideas on what it could be or how to fix? Thanks!

r/techsupport 33m ago

Open | Windows What's the best way to reinstall WINDOWS nowadays?


Is the factory reset option through windows even considered a clean reinstall? What do you guys do?

r/techsupport 40m ago

Open | Windows I need to reset my BIOS settings but I can't, the PC doesn't turn on either because I messed something up in the BIOS


So I've tried these methods:

  • I've removed the CMOS battery from the motherboard while the power was disconnected but it didn't work out.

  • I've tried to press the clr cmos button (I couldnt find any info if the PC had to be on or off or if the power should have been disconnected so I did it without power)

  • I've read that I should do some connection between pins but I couldn't find any pins on my motherboard

I don't know anything else, I tried to disconnect the ram and take the little battery out and I will try to put it back together in a few hours, please help me.

r/techsupport 47m ago

Open | Networking Zoom lags out and stalls on my girlfriend's laptop / WiFi issues


My girlfriend is an online therapist (think along the lines of Better Help). She's stated that she has issues with the WiFi at my house when trying to do online sessions, that Zoom repeatedly locks up and gets choppy audio/video when trying to work with her clients. She doesn't have this issue at her place.

I think I have pretty decent WiFi here - it's Comcast, speed is 400mbs. Trying to figure out why she's having this issue, as it's very frustrating for her. If I got her a USB-to-ethernet adapter, so she can plug directly into the modem, is that likely to help her?

Recently upgraded my internet service with Comcast, so I'm kind of mad that it's been so lousy for her. Any help is greatly appreciated!

r/techsupport 56m ago

Open | Windows PC used to be able to run both a game and web browser at the same time. Now I can often struggle to run one.


Ran a full security scan with Kaspersky but found nothing, deleted a lot of garbage off of my PC that I no longer needed, but still having issues despite having 16 GB of RAM. This is leading up to issues with GPU crashes when I simply try to tab out of a game as well as actions taking minutes to complete.

r/techsupport 1h ago

Open | Software Tv will turn on but will not display anything


Over a year ago my CAD teacher purchased a vizio e-series ei-b3 tv. Once he had it set up he turned on the tv and the Vizio logo shows up but afterwards it’s just a black screen. The screen definitely works but the tv will not display anything but a blue screen. We’ve tried soft resetting it and at the moment we are trying to update it by plugging in an ethernet cord. I’m not sure if this solution will work which is why I’m going on here to reach out for help.

r/techsupport 7h ago

Open | Hardware Can I use a 1xhdmi to 2xhdmi adapter in my graphics card hdmi port to support 2 monitors?


I have a Gainward ghost gtx 3060 Ti, it only has one hdmi port and 3 displayports. I recently bought a drawing tablet monitor that uses an hdmi port and was wondering if I can buy an hdmi splitter to hook up both my main monitor and drawing tablet monitor using the same port on the graphics card.

r/techsupport 1h ago

Open | Windows Can't go back to win 8.1


I have Lenovo miix 830 tablet i updated to win 10 last year and forgot abt, win 10 is running sluggish and glitches i want to roll back to win8.1 i can't find windows.old folder too making a bootable usb doesn't work either as it it's not showing up in ufi menu it just reboots to back when i click boot from removable drive Yes I have tried setup in iso file and there is no legacy in firmware settings

Anyone please help me with fix

r/techsupport 1h ago

Open | Hardware Microphone not working.


I've done everything.I've changed sound cards, configured all the settings correctly, the mic is 100% working I tested it on another pc (It is only mic no audio).My front headphone and mic jacks don't work so I have to use the ones on the back and the mic gets detected but it just doesn't work.I've tested it on discord and other programs aswell.I cannot figure out wtf is wrong with it.

r/techsupport 17h ago

Solved Random keyboard pops up from time to time


Caught it on video


Really annoying, and to be honest, kind of concerned.

Tried using malware bytes rootkit removal tool but still popping up on me.

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Data Recovery DVD video files does not gets copied nor converted


I g=have 3 video files on my DVD drive as shown in image below


I am able to copy the first and third VOB files, however when I am copying the second one the copy gets stuck at 7% and does not move ahead. I tried uploading the same on youtube the 1st and 3rd file does gets uploaded however 3nd file gets stuck while uploading as well.


Though when I play the video file I don't get any problem but I am unable to copy it into my computer.

Is there any hack or way I can copy this video file?

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Windows Windows 10 Home Won't Let Me Pause Updates


I have Windows 10 Home ver 20H2 64-bit. Under Windows Updates > Advanced options, the drop down for "Pause updates" is grayed out. It says "The pause limit has been reached. You'll need to install the latest updates on this device before you can pause again". I simply refuse to update.

Looking online, there are solutions that involve using gpedit.msc, or the registry editor. The former isn't working; when I looked for gpedit.msc to copy over to System32, I couldn't find it, only found gpedit.dll.

Trying with the registry editor, the approach I read to get access to the ability to pause again is to delete SetDisablePauseUXAccess. But when I navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\, I cannot find a "WindowsUpdate" folder.

Are there any ways I can find re-enable my ability to pause, withotu complying with MS's bullshit forced updates? Or should I try another registry editor solution that involves creating a "WindowsUpdate" folder, creating "AU" key in the folder, creating a DWORD value under the AU key, steps outlined here (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-stop-updates-installing-automatically-windows-10)?

Thank you!

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Hardware Bought a PC with 3080ti and the noise is unbearable. Is it faulty or am I squeamish?


I had a 1070 GPU before that never made a sound or any noise. Now I got a prebuilt with a 3080ti and I cannot sit next to it more than an hour before getting an headache.

I've linked to a reddit post with a video of the computer when idle. I can't tell if it's faulty...

I know it is a big GPU with a lot of power, but when just idle it sounds like a jet engine.

What do I do?

Video of computer noise

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Networking Certificate issue on Windows 10 pc


On both edge and chrome no matter what site I go to I get this error:

  • Your connection is not private.

While on Firefox I can access google and youtube, facebook but if I click further I get an error:

  • Secure connection failed

My PC is running Windows 10 21H1 19043.1288

  • I tried disabling my AV and firewall without success.
  • There were some time difference, so I installed NetTime so the time and is now correct, but I am still running into the same problem.
  • clearing SSL state does nothing.

Running Windows update doesn't work, and I can't roll back Windows update because it has been longer than 10 days.

Thanks in advance

Any help is greatly appreciated.

r/techsupport 7h ago

Solved Missing 'Alarms & Clock' app in Windows 11


This app is missing since I installed Windows 11, but I can see the app's name (without icon image) in Start menu which doesn't respond when I click, this app is missing in the settings and also when I search for it.

Screenshots: https://preview.redd.it/evrnijug3uc81.png?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=2af444b0ff160405b27ce9ec0b15bd75a853b15f


r/techsupport 5h ago

Open | Windows How To Do A Backup, What Files Are Backed Up


So I've had my laptop for about 4 years, and its on its last leg. I need to back up all my files, and I have not been intentional or organized about where files have been saved (lesson learned). Does a Windows Backup contain EVERY file on my computer? For example, the PDF I saved 2.5 years ago in some random folder? Is there a software that can back up all my files located anywhere on my PC? I use Google Drive so I'm not sure if there is a better way to backup to there instead. Thanks in advance!

r/techsupport 3h ago

Open | Networking COAX to Ethernet


In an attempt to convert a COAX outlet into an Ethernet port that could be linked directly into my PC, I purchased a Frontier WF-803FT MoCa 2.5 Ethernet Network Adapter. However the message I get through an Ethernet connection is 'Unidentified Network'. I've reset the ipconfig in cmd and also updated the IPv4 DNS servers to and without success. Any other insights the group can give me into getting this connection to work? TIA