r/techsupport Jan 20 '22

Microphone not working. Open | Hardware

I've done everything.I've changed sound cards, configured all the settings correctly, the mic is 100% working I tested it on another pc (It is only mic no audio).My front headphone and mic jacks don't work so I have to use the ones on the back and the mic gets detected but it just doesn't work.I've tested it on discord and other programs aswell.I cannot figure out wtf is wrong with it.



u/fakingitandmakingit Jan 20 '22

What Microphone? How does it connect? Have you tested another microphone in the same input as this one on the computer it is not working on?


u/KilliamWallace Jan 20 '22

It’s always a setting. Check the sound outputs for the system AND the app you’re trying to get sound from. Teams/zoom both have their own input/output settings apart from system


u/idkwhattonamethisra Jan 21 '22

where do I check for the system?