r/techsupport Jan 20 '22

What's the best way to reinstall WINDOWS nowadays? Open | Windows

Is the factory reset option through windows even considered a clean reinstall? What do you guys do?



u/NotTheFatMan Jan 20 '22

Usually just create a bootable USB. Easiest way for me personally.


u/cloroxbb Jan 20 '22

I always do a clean install using Windows Installation USB drive.


u/Bals2oo8 Jan 20 '22

Is the factory reset option through windows even considered a clean reinstall?

Not even partially.. and it takes AT LEAST 2x longer, especially if you already have an ISO downloaded ready to load up on a USB drive.

Clean install is 100% the only and best way to perform a proper reinstall.


u/CryptographerTall968 Jan 20 '22

i preferably like to create a usb media with windows 10 in it for clean wipes and reinstalls of everything but if you wanna choose what to optionally delete factory reset is the way (also it's easier)


u/BleedCheese Jan 20 '22

Agreed with the others here. Clean reinstall. The one thing that I always do that doesn't seem 100% consistent from IT person to IT person is deleting all of the existing partitions during the reinstall. Once you arrive to Windows the first time, immediately perform Windows updates and then go on to your apps/peripherals.


u/unevoljitelj Jan 20 '22

The only way. Windows on a stick.

Edit: never..never try to fix windows problems with reseting windows, it might help in a 1% of cases, its usualy just a waste of time. Repartition or format, then install.


u/BigCatSanctuary Moderator; "no backups? no data!" Jan 20 '22

The consensus is to use a USB drive made with the Media Creation Tool: https://rtech.support/books/how-to-and-guides/page/clean-installing-windows-10