r/techsupport May 10 '22

Can't turn on WiFi on Windows 10 because suddenly there is no wifi button Solved

I can only see the Airplane mode button



u/ButInRealityIDK May 10 '22

The driver has failed.

Go to device manager, find the Wi-Fi driver under network. Right click disable it, then re enable it.

If that doesn’t fix it, download the driver from the manufacturer’s website for your specific laptop. Follow steps from before but just right click and uninstall the old one. Install the new one, restart if asked.


u/Jies_ May 10 '22

Yes, it did


u/OmarHadi5 May 10 '22

i’m having error 56 with my wifi driver and can’t seem to be able to fix it. i’ve reinstalled the drivers and uninstalled possibly interfering programs to no success. would just simply resetting my pc resolve the issue? i won’t have to reinstall the whole operating system, right? i suspect the issue is maybe some old network files from a program affecting the internet driver.


u/ButInRealityIDK May 16 '22

Not sure what error 56 refers to, but if you have truly reinstalled the correct driver then resetting likely won’t do anything.

Not 100% but if everything you did was done correctly then it sounds like hardware failure.


u/OmarHadi5 May 16 '22

i was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling windows


u/IlllIIIIlllll May 10 '22

Restart computer


u/Jies_ May 10 '22

the first restart did not fix it but the second time it did


u/SolidPrysm May 10 '22

Note that this issue will probably happen again, and will have the same fix. It's happened to me a good 6 times in the last year with mine, restarting always worked.


u/MattyClutch May 11 '22

This isn't an exact diagnosis by any means, but that sounds like an update (Windows itself or firmware) that failed to install correctly. If it happens again I would go back into device manager like you did, and see if the WiFi has an ! icon. If so, there are several things you can try, but you would need to see if that is the case first.

If you feel Windows savvy enough, you can probably (depends on how logging is setup on your computer) go run Event Viewer and figure out if a driver / firmware issue is the cause now without waiting for it to happen again.


u/FetishAnalyst May 10 '22

This should be rule number 1 of the sub. “If possible, did you turn it off and on again? Try it”


u/hydenseek88 May 10 '22


u/SLJ7 May 10 '22

Really didn't realize how well-known this show is until I got on Reddit. Although if you're here long enough you'll find references to everything.


u/puppet_up May 10 '22

If you're on a laptop, it's possible you disabled your Wifi radio. Most laptops have a function (Fn) button that allows you to trigger macro keys usually located above the rows of numbers in your keyboard. One of those buttons will be to turn on-off your Wifi.

If your laptop is a bit older, there might even be a physical switch on the side of your laptop somewhere that enables or disables Wifi.


u/Draaxus May 10 '22

If it's a laptop, as a last resort I'd recommend turning it off then lightly smacking it on a pillow or something. This has happened to me with my bluetooth and wifi, and my only hypothesis is that the component responsible for those were dislodged somewhere inside the laptop.


u/LexVader77 May 10 '22

Look for a switch/key combo that turns wifi off. Also you can go into some bios' and disable the switch.


u/poke23613 May 10 '22

Is this an HP laptop? I’ve been fixing HP laptops where the latest wifi driver from HP did not fix the wifi adapter issue, and installing an older driver only fixed it temporarily. After messing around with Regedit and getting tired of stopping automatic driver updates in Windows 10 and 11 Home, I decided to disable the adapter and install an external tiny usb one. I’ve seen this problem in about a dozen HPs in the past three months. Most of them had been upgraded from 10 to 11.


u/throwaway762049 May 10 '22

Open settings and search for Wifi


u/smartid May 10 '22

hardware failure go buy a usb wifi adapter


u/Free-Cartographer-26 May 11 '22

Sometimes I have to unplug the power cord on the router then plplug it back in


u/arealiX May 11 '22

Alot of people got this problem recently, probably due to an update


u/CrewmemberV2 May 11 '22

Did you enable airplane mode by accident?

Some laptops have a Mechanical switch that enables and disables WiFi. My Sony vaio had it on the front of the laptop, some also have it as an Fn key.


u/Altruistic_Might8904 May 10 '22

Happened to me, what fixed it is just wait. Shut it down come back to it in 2 to 3 weeks. It’ll comeback. It’s weird. If not then go to a repair technician.