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How do I prevent my kid from playing games like Roblox when he’s supposed to be in a virtual class (Windows 10)? Solved

Hello all! Due to a COVID outbreak my son school switched back to virtual class tomorrow. My kid is supposed to be in a zoom meeting, but in the past I’ve have problems getting him to focus on the class and not playing games in his computer.

I normally take care of that by pausing the computer internet using the Xfinity app, but that’s not an option. Can I just disable the games (and YouTube as well) in the computer?

EDIT: Thanks a lot to those who provided technical suggestions. I will try with Microsoft Family Safety. Those of you who suggested that I just stand behind him should be banned for offering unserious answers.



u/Initial_Perspective9 May 11 '22

Microsoft Family Safety app, I even use the app on my phone to monitor

I set schedules when he can only open the apps or the computer itself


u/notwithagoat May 11 '22

Make a school account that only has access to school related programs and files. Have a separate account with a decently complex password, install TeamViewer and remote in to allow him for game time.


u/Ftckyman May 11 '22

This is the best answer I've come across.


u/[deleted] May 11 '22

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u/Rising_Swell May 11 '22

I feel like the only difference in cultures sometimes is just what unorthodox tool parents use to beat their kids. I got hit with a thong (flip flop, for non Australians). Fuckers sting.


u/Furry_69 May 11 '22

That means a wildly different thing in the US, specifying what it actually is was a very good idea..


u/niekdejong May 11 '22

Also in EU. The first time i read that sentence i was like wut? Do people get hit with those?


u/Rising_Swell May 11 '22

There is a reason I put that difference there :P


u/Doggaming_Woof May 11 '22

Simple solutions to simple problems lol


u/mhhkb May 11 '22

I use the Microsoft Family Safety app for my kids and it works pretty well but I admit I have not had to do much in terms of restrictions, so I'm not sure how easy it is to block something like Roblox. But I know you can limit screen time or specific app usage or require them to request permission to run certain things. If you sign your child in with a MS account and don't give it admin and put it under a family safety account you manage, you might be able to keep the kid from running it.


u/scalyblue May 11 '22

I'd say that the easiest way for a layperson would be to Set up OpenDNS on your router and then set up an opendns account, enable stats and logs on it, and then go into the network settings and activate web content filtering for rbxcdn.com and roblox.com which will basically make roblox inaccessible from your house network short of using an alternative DNS service, which you may or may not be able to take care of depending on how robust your router's customizability is.

This doesn't stop the kid from doing a hard reset on the router to restore basic functionality, so what you can also do is go onto his computer, open administrative powershell, and run the commands

Add-DnsClientNrptRule -Namespace ".rbxcdn.com" -NameServers "X.X.X.X"

Add-DnsClientNrptRule -Namespace ".roblox.com" -NameServers "X.X.X.X"

where X.X.X.X is the address opendns gives you for their primary DNS server.

This will make his computer always go to opendns for roblox regardless of the router settings, even if he tries using a phone's hotspot.

As an added bonus, opendns will gladly inform you of every single website that is being accessed from the house, which will make it much easier to monitor his usage. Just keep in mind that there will be a DNS call even if there's a thumbnail ad or whatever, so don't read him the riot act for visiting porn sites if it's just a banner ad.


u/Vardso May 11 '22

This is very interesting. Does the Nrpt override any local DNS settings the user sets?

The router's DNS server settings are normally ignored if you set up your own on your pc, thus the question.


u/scalyblue May 11 '22

Name Resolution Policy Table overrides user dns priorities as it is a group policy.


u/ObeyTime May 11 '22

T-pose behind him and watch what he's doing every day


u/jeffrey_f May 11 '22

Put the computer where you can see him and what he is doing. Start taking away privileges. Simple.


u/blakeshelnot May 11 '22

I have to work from home at the same time and will be in virtual meetings most of the day.


u/jeffrey_f May 11 '22

Just needs to be in line of sight and the kid knowing you can see him and what he is doing.


u/lifegotdead May 11 '22

Is it possible to set restrictions for certain applications (ie browsers, Windows apps etc) so his account only has access to Zoom during that timeframe?


u/Wowzas09 May 11 '22

Yes, for Roblox you can go to sites and Block them it will require the Administrator password (Whatever you set it up as) to remove the blockings, you can also Download something like TeamViewer, or Parsec, these will let you see what's he's doing in the Computer, it'll show you it from his side, So with this you can block the games, and also Check in on him whenever you can, and hey, you could possibly even check in on him and he might be on a new gaming site or something, since you'll be able to see his side, you can block that site when you want.


u/arkutek-em May 11 '22

Uninstall the games and set up a user account which he can't install programs on.


u/Far-Signature-9628 May 11 '22

Simply things. Create an account that only has school stuff. He uses that account while studying. Restrict access to the other account until after school hours.

Make sure the second account cannot install software.


u/pertante May 11 '22

This should help assign hours here


u/mrbatra May 11 '22

I use NextDNS for it. It checks everything you are looking for plus more.


u/Trax852 May 11 '22



u/[deleted] May 11 '22

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u/NauticalBustard May 11 '22

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