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SSD speed significantly lower than advertised Solved

I bought a Toshiba - External Hard Drive Toshiba HDTB420EK3AA 2 TB 2,5" USB 3.0 Black (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07994QL95?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1) and it's advertised with a read speed of 540 mb/s. But, when I run the drive in Blackmagic speedtest it only reads at 120 mb/s. I've tried multiple computers and multiple different USB 3.0 cables, all are producing this speed result. I work in video editing, so I need a a lot faster SSD speed for production. Any tips on making it run faster? I have limited knowledge of storage and SSDs stuff so if you need more info from me, please clearly explain what I can do. Thanks~!

Edit: This is an HDD, not an SSD, that's my bad. I thought it was an SSD when I bought it.



u/Status_Mechanic May 19 '22

That's not a SSD, that's a 5400rpm 2.5in HDD. If you want it to go fast you'll have to chuck it down the hallway.

These are external SSD's: https://www.amazon.com/External-Solid-State-Drives/b/ref=dp_bc_aui_C_4?ie=UTF8&node=3015429011


u/socialjellyfish May 19 '22

Well, that's ONE way to make it go fast!
Didn't realize I didn't get an SSD, that literally solves all my questions thank you


u/TheHunterElite May 20 '22

I love this explanation


u/JustACowSP May 19 '22

To start off, this is not an SSD. It's a traditional-style spinning hard drive. 50-150 MB/s is normal.

The product page does mention 5 Gbit/s, but this is the maximum speed of the USB 3.0 cable, not the drive itself. Sort of misleading, unfortunately. I'm not sure where 540 MB/s shows up on the product page, so you should not have expected that speed.


u/socialjellyfish May 19 '22

Yeah, I completely missed that it's an HDD not an SSD, so that answers basically all my questions. I'll return it and get an SSD, but it's still frustrating the way they advertised the speeds.


u/Paultimate79 May 20 '22

I saw that too, but higher up it says plainly "Read Speed 540 Megabytes Per Second"

That is not ambiguous at all. That's purely false advertising to trick people like OP. Fuck Toshiba.


u/jamvanderloeff May 20 '22

Ye, looks like the seller listing it on amazon there screwed up


u/nestcto May 19 '22

What type of benchmark are you running with Blackmagic? Random, or sequential? And do you know if those computers you tried in are USB 3.0 compatible? (USB port would be blue or teal).

It sounds like the device may be defaulting to USB 2.0. Windows does not have a good built-in way to check this. But refer to the below link, and you can use USBTreeView to identify if the device has negotiated 2.0 or 3.0 while it's connected.



u/socialjellyfish May 19 '22

The issue was that the drive is an HDD, not an SSD like I had thought. Not an issue with the drive then, just poor marketing from Toshiba.


u/alpharowe3 May 20 '22

$65 for a 2TB SSD. Can't wait for the day.

Probably won't come.


u/guy30000 May 20 '22

Couple years.


u/Paultimate79 May 20 '22 edited May 20 '22

where on there anywhere does it say SSD?

It does say 540MBs read speed though. Fuck Toshiba.