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Open | Windows Downgraded to windows 10 after having issues with SteamVR on windows 11, task bar wont work half the time I start up my pc and I cant download anything from the windows store.


The title of my post describes my issue, however I should note the fixes I have tried, mostly commands relating to some package thing in windows power shell which have all just resulted in errors. Sometimes the windows store wont load and will just sit on a loading screen forever. I have also tried wsreset in the windows run thing. The error code I get from downloading apps when it does work is 0xC002001B and I have spent forever trying to fix it. I have visited forum after forum looking for an answer to all my problems, even reinstalled windows 10 which didn't fix anything. Lmk if I forgot any important details and I will be sure to respond with them. Thank you to anyone who replies.

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Open | Hardware Spilled soda on my Legion 5 w/2060 while being an idiot. Reaction in description


Happened 10 hours ago

So I spilled some soda on my keyboard (right side and track pad) in the span of 10 seconds I turned off the laptop removed cables and dried out the soda with tissues.

Then I put the laptop upside down to let it drain,

I opened the laptop’s back cover to see if any liquid reached the other side, nothing found, turns put I need to take apart the entire laptop to reach my keyboard alone and i dont have the expertise to do so.

Now my question is when should I turn it on, or if I should just take it to a pro? Plus does the legion 5 have a seam or something that the soda can immediately reach the motherboard through?

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Open | Software can updating the BIOS fix download issues?


I'm using windows 10. I was always having trouble with large downloads in the past. If downloading from any web browser, large downloads would always fail and I had to resume them manually. Other programs like Adobe also always failed to update or install on the first try. I had tried to reformat my SSD many times, or tried to use different network adaptors. Only recently I updated my BIOS and reformatted my drive, and I noticed that I can download large files without any issue now. Could the BIOS update be what fixed my issue? I'm curious because when I was having the download problems, nowhere on the internet did it say it could be the BIOS firmware. Also posting this for others to see in case they have the same issues.

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Open | Software strange identity overlap occurrences


Hey guys I bought a new phone a while ago and sometimes when the auto fill options are displayed it will show someone else's details, name, email address, physical address etc How do I go about figuring this out? Maybe I should email the person

Can anyone explain how this might have come about?

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Open | Windows Save advanced system setting for local user Win10


Currently, when changing advanced system settings, specifically, custom visual effects, they won't be saved when signing out. Changing them for administrator doesn't make changes for local users. Is there a way to change it permanently for a particular user? Thanks.

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Open | Windows my dp cable doesnt work


My main monitor only works with a hdmi but i want to use my 144hz. I tried with a new dp cable but it still doesnt work. (It says no signal detected). My graphix drivers are up to date and i have completely reset my pc. Thanks

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Open | Software Windows key not activating (0xc004f050)


Hey, When I go to enter my product key for windows 10 pro (I currently have windows 11 pro but wish to go to windows 10 due to comparability with games) I get an error message that says “The product key you entered didn’t work. Check the product key and try again, or enter a different one. (0xc004f050)”

How do I fix this? I know this key should definitely be functioning but it will not process for some reason..

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Open | Hardware Is it okay to purchase an electrical good when its in a sale?


In was considering buying a gaming headset to replace my faulty one, however it is being sold at about 40% off. I dont know if this is a stupid question or not but will it be lower quality than if I bought it at full price?

My reasoning is that I don't see how it is profitable for the company.

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Open | Windows How do I fix an unfixable missing system tray (Windows 10)


So I've had an issue for a few dozen months now (seems to have happened to a few dozen people due to an update in the past) that basically means my taskbar's system tray is functionally absent and entirely broken.

What I see:

Literally, all I see in the taskbar's system tray section is the date/time and the "Windows Ink Workspace" icon. So no arrow or anything like that. Icons enabled in the 'select which icons appear on the taskbar' section of the settings literally just do not appear on the taskbar.

Additionally, when I right-click on the taskbar itself I only see:

  • Show Cortana
  • Show Task View Button
  • Show People on the taskbar
  • Show Windows Ink Workspace Button
  • Show Touch Keyboard
  • Cascade Windows
  • Show Windows Stacked
  • Show Windows side by side
  • Show the desktop
  • Task Manager
  • Lock all taskbars
  • Taskbar Settings

Which since the update that may have broken everything for me is apparently not everything it now shows on correctly working Window 10s?

What I've already tried:
I've been all around the net searching for results and I've found literally 0 answers, people who've had the issue either wake up one day with it auto-fixed or literally scream into the void at copy-pasting window forum mods who don't even post anything relevant to the issue.
I've tried several RUN/command-prompt solutions to zero results, verified the integrity of the system, watched a few videos with """""solutions""""" to zero result.

I've heard the root of the problem is that windows forcefully enabled a "news and interests" thing or something in one of it's updates, and people who disabled it previously thus had their taskbar/system tray icon... Of course, all the solutions to said issue (if it even is the problem) involve re-enabling the section only doing so involves right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the option which is entirely missing from the options visible.

Some forums mention window updates KB5003214 and KB5003254 are the possible cause but I've no option to uninstall them nor are they visible for me.

What I'm looking for:
At this point I'll I'm looking for is a definitive solution that allows me to keep my files as I don't think there's any hope of an easy solution. Should I update to windows 11 or do some sort of reinstall or?

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Open | Hardware Removing old hdd, installing new ssd. Have a couple questions about windows licenses and data corruption.


Im giving my old gaming pc to a friend of mine who still plays on integrated graphics. My old pc is not in great shape. The HDD is constantly at 100% and its pretty unusable in this state. However I have a ton of files i wanna keep. Was wondering if i could just remove this current hdd and keep it in a safe place, and install a new ssd. will windows get put on it automatically? and will my old hdd sitting in a drawer keep the files safe for an extended period of time?

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Open | Hardware Using SSD's as a cache with HDD's in a RAID array


Hi guys, I have a question I can't seem to find an answer for. Most discussions about the topic from the title simply end up with questions "why do you need it for" and then circlejerk back to the hardware being used and "yOu DoN't NeEd ThIs" messages.

So I have had an idea some time ago - I currently have two 2TB HDD's in RAID 1 in my rig and an NVMe boot drive. As to why I have it in that configuration and not in a NAS, really not important. I mostly use my PC for gaming, light video editing/animation and generic office work when needed. A small NAS is in the making, but I'd like to utilise the hardware I have for now.

Now, is it possible for me to pluck in a smaller SSD and configure it as a cache for the RAID array? I am on an x570 chipset, but am unsure whether StoreMI would help, I have never tried it. If needed, I am open to switching to Intel (as in, it'll obviously have to wait a couple of months, but I have 0 care about the platform my PC is on). If it is possible, can anyone help how to configure it?

Thanks a lot!

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Open | Windows I cant go to my other screen and I can’t make it double monitor


I cant figure this out I just got a new monitor I did the wiring right and then get 2 displays but the cursor won’t go the the other pace then the settings shows on one side and google shows on the other

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Open | Software Making my computer pronounce the letters that I am typing.


I teach children who are from a foreign country our language. It would be nice to let them type words, and as they are typing them my computer says the letter they are typing. I have a windows pc.

Thanks in advance!

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Open | Windows How can I type symbols like question mark, curly brackets, dollar sign etc. without shift?


I am disabled, and I learned to type on my keyboard with a pen attached to my hand. Right now, I can only use such characters with help of others. Is there a way to do this on my own?

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Open | Hardware Problem with a monitor


So recently, the darker parts of my screen have been flashing red and green pixels. It makes playing dark games impossible, and its just annoying to look at. Can I fix it??? Thanks

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Open | Hardware GPU stops receiving power on startup, need help


Hey all,

I built a custom PC two years ago this month and it has treated me beautifully. It consists of an EVGA RTX 2080 TI GPU, i9900k CPU, CORSAIR HX1200i PSU, and ASUS ROG Strix Z390E MOBO to name a few. Right around 4 months ago, out of no where, upon startup my GPU would show light for 5-10 seconds along with display on my monitors, but then suddenly the GPU would no longer have power to it while every other component in the computer continues to get power (as the computer is starting up). When I then force shut it down, it continues to have no power when I restart it unless I completely remove the GPU from the motherboard for at least 1 hr (although one time I had to wait almost 6 hrs because it still wouldn't work after an hour). Quite frankly, that is the ONLY fix I have been able to get it back working, but it is extremely tedious and obviously wastes my time. It seems to happen at the most random of times.

I have tried resetting the CMOS, reseating the GPU dozens of times, cleaning the PCIE slots, changing my GPU to a different PCIE slot, and other extraneous attempts from many hours of online research to fix it. My best solution at this point, if I really need to access my computer, is to plug one of my HDMI cords into the motherboard directly, thereby using onboard graphics rather than my GPU graphics, but then I can only use 1 out of my 3 monitors and the performance is atrocious.

I also think it is noteworthy to mention that I have taken my GPU out directly as this was happening once, brought it to a friends house 10 mins later, and tested it in his PC where it worked completely normally. Therefore, I really don't think it's the graphics card (although I can be wrong, I'm no expert yet), and it may be a MOBO issue. If anybody can offer genuine advice before I give up and go buy a new MOBO, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Open | Hardware PC Audio feedback picked up on mic.


TL;DR: PC sound plays back on microphone, even when all my sound is turned down and no mic is plugged in. Thinking it is a problem with the motherboard and was planning on buying a new one but figured I'd ask here first.

I've bought my Gigabyte B450M DS3H over 2 years ago and ever since I've had a problem with PC audio spilling into my mic. I sent back the motherboard and got a new one returned, but lately I've noticed the issue is still there.

I've been using VoiceMeeter for all this time. I think I've eliminated this to be the source of the issue, as I've tested it with Discord using the mic as the input device and turning my sound down, seeing the Mic Test volume meter shoot up when I started playing sound. Again, this was with my sound all the way down (volume knob on my speakers down, not the signal to it) and no mic plugged in.

According to Windows I already have the most recent Realtek Audio drivers. This leads me to believe the only root for the cause could be the motherboard. I couldn't really find anyone else with the same problem on the internet though. Maybe it's a grounding issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Open | Hardware Laptop screen flickering


Guys I have an asus Tuf dash F15, initially it started yesterday yesterday with my screen flickering at 60 hz, i updated my GPU drivers but still it didnt go away, moreover, my computer screen goes black if i unplug it from charging , the screen doesnt come back on, however this doesnt happen if i have an external display plugged in, help pls I bought it 7-8 months back.

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Open | Hardware Can I plug multiple fans on a single fan header


I have 2 Led Fan it has a molex and a 3pin header but my motherboard only has 1 header,the molex in the fan has a molex headers at the back where you can attach more fans into it I've tried plugging my other fan on the back of the molex its working fine but is it ok to do that?

Heres my video showing it works https://www.reddit.com/user/BBQSlasher/comments/utqxfx/is_it_ok_if_plug_my_fan_through_molex_with_my_fan/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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Open | Windows My laptop switches between the normal layout and to one where the keys are stuck and only produces letters with accents at the top (ÁÉÚÍÓ) this causes random clicks and buttons pressed - please help!


A video example of this can be found on my profile under a post in a different subreddit

r/techsupport 3h ago

Open | Windows Surface pro laptop can only log in once before it stops working completely, help-!


(Reposted into r/laptops and r/technology because I’m desperate and annoyed)

Microsoft surface laptop incredibly glitchy with no clear problem, help??

So I got the most dog shit laptop from my mom after she complained about it turning off a lot but she’s over dramatic so I took it anyway and now it’s making me mad as. I’ll name a few issues:

-Only being able to log in once a day before every other issue listed happens

-Turning off when is on for too long and not turning back on

-Everything but the background disappearing when trying to log in

-Freezing in the log in page

-Freezing on the startup page (that has the time and date ect)

-Tabs getting stuck on open

-Not able to reset

-Not able to log in once the laptop screen turns off due to display issues

-Black screen with only mouse moving(touch screen working but nothing to click)

-Startup background with only mouse moving( touch screen and mouse working, nothing to click again)

I’m not sure if it’s a display thing, but do t reccomend me stuff that involves me logging in/using settings because I can’t. Not even the settings from the start screen because it freezes before I can click anything. Help please

Edit: connected it to a monitor via hdmi and it showed the exact same shit, so it’s not a display-type thing

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Open | Windows Help with Autopilot script



I've got a script to run autopilot collection on new devices.

@Echo off
echo. Installing 'get-windowsautopilotinfo' script
Powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
Powershell Install-Script -name Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo -Force
cd /d "C:Program FilesWindowsPowerShellScripts"
echo. Please provide username/password and MFA codes as needed...
Powershell Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo -Online

It all runs fine until the last Powershell step. When I get there it fails and says

Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo : The term 'Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.....

At line:1 char:1

+ Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo -Online


I think I've been looking at it too long now and have gone a bit blind! Could someone help?

Thank you!

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Open | Hardware Motherboard not booting when installed in case


Hi All,

My brother has a PC he's attempting to upgrade, with an Asus X570-F gaming motherboard and a Ryzen 5000 series processor.

I'm helping with debugging tomorrow, but wanted to see if anybody has any ideas. For some background, we're both Sysadmins (I work with mainly consumer level hardware and low grade server hardware, he's more corporate with large SANs and the like), so we do have some idea of what we're doing ;o)

The board bench tests perfectly fine, but when installed into a case with all screws present, motherboard fails to indicate power. As I understand it at the moment, removing any one screw allows the system to boot perfectly fine. This is not something I've ever come across!

Mobo has been Tested with multiple power supplies, and different levels of board population (even tried bare board with no CPU/RAM/GPU just to see if the Asus Q-LED would show something, but no dice).

Also, he experienced a problem with the processor locking lever arm not releasing the processor on one occasion, and had to yank it out with a suction cup, but that issue hasn't cropped up again.

Retailer is refusing RMA due to working fine on a bench.

I'm planning to meter the board between the screw hole plating and ground, but I don't expect a problem there, as apparently removing any single screw resolves the issue.

Any other bright ideas?

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Open | Audio Left speaker issue


while playinga csgo match a preacher bot with over the top voloume appeared and completly messed hp my left speaker. Sound from it is higher than the right side and in a way high pitched. is my speaker blown up and how can i fix it?

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Open | Software Nvidia Control Panel options missing


Recently purchased a new GSync supporting monitor, and would like to enable it. Using a Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop w/ a RTX 3050ti and an i7. However, all settings besides “3D settings” are completely absent in the Nvidia Control panel menu. Anyone know how to fix this, or if I even can use GSync with this computer? Thanks for any help