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Open | Hardware Does charging the smarphone many times, but never fully, ruin the battery?


I try to keep it between 30% and 85% all the time, but I end up charging it much more frequently. Does the increased frequency ruin the battery? Maybe I should charge up to 100%

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Open | Hardware Accidentally disabled USB in UEFI BIOS. Help?


I've accidentally disabled USB in the BIOS of a Windows tablet. I can't navigate inside the BIOS to re-enable it. There are no CMOS jumpers nor is there a CMOS battery inside the device AFAIK. What now? Is there a way to change the settings from within Windows or am I just going to have to give up?

Device: Linx 7 / Lamina T-701

Edit: Seems like some people are confused. I can go into the BIOS, but I can't do anything inside it. Plugging in a keyboard doesn't work, because USB is disabled. No touch in the BIOS (always been like this, idk either). I'm stuck with language and time settings and can't change the pages.

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Open | Hardware Spraying WD-40 Inside a laptop's fan


So, My laptop started heating up quite a bit. I checked the ventilation grills and they were full of dust. I talked with my dad about this and he told me to spray WD-40 inside the fan because it's too hard to open up the laptop. The laptop is Lenovo x230. I don't think this is the right decision. What should i do?

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Open | Hardware My RAM problem is gonna cost me my new JOB.


So I just got this remote customer service job, and since I'm going to work on my own computer, they need to check if my computer meets their requirements to do the job. So they make me install this program called FP diagnostics to check my computer. The problem is that when it's checking my RAM it loads forever and forever, up to 8 hours until I close it and restart. The bare minimum they need is 4 GB of ram, but I have 16GB. So please if any idea what could be cause, because I really want job, and I only until next morning.

Edit: Sorry I didn't reply I was too warped in trying to fix this, that I completely forgot I posted. I have already fixed this by reseting my pc, and it worked really easy. Some program I install somewhere along didn't allow the program to work. Thank everyone who wanted to help me last.

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Open | Hardware Issues removing GPU


I want to clean my GPU but I can’t dislodge it from the motherboard. I don’t think it’s screwed into anything and moves a little on one side but not at all on the other. Help!

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Open | Hardware I hit my monitor kinda hard now is has a white filter


I hit my monitor and I had a white filter on it but I hit it again and now it only has a white outline what can I do?

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Open | Hardware I want to upgrade my laptop RAM with one single 16GB and 4GB (currently 8GB dual channel) both of them running in 2400mhz freq but different manufacturers is it going to working ?


title, *samsung and hynix

is the dual channel going to work?

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Open | Hardware how to upgrade ram?


i need to upgrade my pc and i have 2 sticks of 8gb ram each and i want to upgrade to 32 gigs

should i buy two new sticks that are each 16gb or should i buy 2 sticks of 8 gigs (i know theres something to do with performance and stuff)

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Open | Hardware Can I put higher (mhz) ram in my old macbook?


So I have an old macbook here and I want to upgrade the ram, it supports 1066mhz but I don’t know if I can go higher than that. I’m hoping that it would

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Open | Hardware Computer slow, 100 disk usage , takes almost an hour to boot


So one day I was playing elden ring , everything was normal I finished the game turned off the pc, then the next day it turned on normally but I noticed it became slower and some games were laggy , fast forward a week and now it take almost an hour to boot and when it does I can't do anything because of the lag and time Apps crash games won't start and sometimes it just freezes I tried sfc scannow and chkdsk but they thereis nothing wrong , and there are no viruses on my pc . So what should I do?

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Open | Hardware My keyboard and mouse don’t work in windows but work in BIOS



My KBM (and probably other usb devices) dont work in Windows, meaning I can’t type my password to open anything, in safe mode too. However it works before the Windows password screen, so I can launch bios, windows repair tools, command promt and write there, launch safe mode, although kbm doesnt work in it too so I can’t get past lockscreen.

My motherboard is Asrock.

That happened after tinkering with gamepad controller drivers and should not have touched kbm drivers at all but somehow it did happen, so it is what I suspect is the problem.

Ive tried starting from a safe point (doesnt work), safemods, billion restarts, changing ports, mb ports, case ports, etc. Thank you

UPDATE: PS2 mouse has worked on entering pc. Driver issue is not solved and nothing else works, but at least I can use it with onscreen kb

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Open | Hardware Computer suddenly froze and blacked out


My computer just suddenly froze and I couldn’t shut it off. Had to manually unplug it and now when I turn the computer on, my monitor is completely black. Note, when my computer froze my keyboard and mouse stopped lighting up.

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Open | Hardware brand new 3060 doing things i dont exactly know how to even describe


so, bassicaly i got rtx 3060 today, and while doing 1 thing at a time everything was fine, while i was trying to stream my game on discord to my friend everything went apeshit, but going to the point, i can consistently recreate a crash, it happens when i stress test my gpu, and do anything system drive related, like browsing web, my ssd jumps straight to 100% usage and crashes my whole pc, one thing i did was lowering power limit FOR FANS in msi afterburner, and i noticed that at 70% limit my ssd spikes to "only" 80%, when i lowered it down to minimal 58% my ssd spikes "only" to 30-40% (while running msi kombustor) my ssd was perfectly fine while i used it with my rx580 what on earth can cause something like this, and how lowering my fan power limit stops my ssd from going nuts, i would be helpful for ANY advice cus its driving me crazy

*edit i have 16 gb of ddr4 2666 ram and ryzen 5 2600, my psu is corsair sv550 so everything should be compatible, mobo is asus prime b450m

*edit 2 its much more severe when im using discord

*EDIT 3 its for sure not the psu, my old card used more power.

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Open | Hardware PC Underperforming not sure why


When ever i'm playign games i have to play at lowest settings and still even then my it lags a lot. I remember my pc running a lot better but now it runs like ass. I get on average 38fps on csgo at medium settings with resolution at 1080p. I tested roblox cause it's pretty much legos and my pc runs it at 50fps on max. Rainbow six set on high I get 45fps. There are tons of lags spikes in all of these games and I have noticed I get better fps if vsync is set to on.


- asus expedition rx 570 4gb (3 years old)

- AMD Athlon 3000g (3 years old)

- 16gb 2666m mhz crucial (1 year old)

- Thermaltake Litepower RGB 550w (4 months old)

- Asus A320-K Prime (3 years old)

I've cleaned the dust out the pc, ive reinstalled windows multiple times, ive tried a bunch of things that are known to speed up pc like cleaning out temp files and clearing cache and stuff like that. Can someone tell me a possible solution before I just buy new parts.

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Open | Hardware Is it bad if I use any other power cable to power my PC besides the one that came in the box?


My old chord was broken and i wanted to buy a new one, is it bad if i dont buy the same model of the powerchord?

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Open | Hardware Is USB to Ethernet legit?


UPDATE: To anyone that may have stumbled upon this; to be honest with you, it turned out to be somewhat of a waste of money.

I live in an area with remarkably terrible internet, and have been getting 9 Mbps download/upload even though my ISP promises 35. Would an adapter/dongle for my laptop help in any way? I've heard about the benefits of Ethernet over Wi-Fi, but want to be sure before dishing out some bacon over something that might not work.

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Open | Hardware PC stopped working overnight, I have to unplug and plug the power cable to get fan spin but it shuts down after a second anyway.


PC specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Mobo: MSI B550 A-PRO


RAM: 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb

PSU: Corsair CX650F RGB (650w)

OS: Windows 10

I started this build approx 2 years ago and upgraded to the current GPU last week and it has been working flawlessly since. Last night I shut the pc off and today it stopped working seemingly out of nowhere.

The issue

The PC turns on for about 1 or 2 seconds, the case fans spin, the cpu cooler fans spin, the rgb on the GPU lights up, the RGB and the fan on the PSU turn on but then everything shuts down. Pressing the power button again does nothing until I unplug it, leave it unplugged for a few seconds, plug it back in.

Things to note

1) The CPU EZ debug LED on the Mobo turns solid white, but the CPU hasn't been touched or moved in two years, for all I know the light might be normal during the turning on process.

2)I have tried a different power cord to no avail.

3)I moved both RAM sticks to different slots to no avail.

4)I tried turning on the pc with the screwdriver method thinking it might be a scuffed power button but it made no difference.

5)The PSU passed the paperclip test, the fan is quiet but I'm 90% sure it spins.

6) All the cables going to the Mobo are firmly seated.

7) I have tried unplugging the PCIe power from the GPU thinking it was a wattage (?) problem but it made no difference.

8)I have updated the BIOS once two years ago but have made no changes since. 9) CMOS battery removing and reinsert did nothing.

10) Removing ram completely did nothing

LATEST INFO: Unplugging and plugging the power cord doesn't seem to be able to turn on the pc now, but unplugging and plugging the 24 pin does. It still one second, fanspin then shut down. What does it mean?
For anyone who might come across this post in the future, the issue happened with a different PSU with only the 24-pin connected, so I'm sure it's the motherboard. I've got a replacement coming in.

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Open | Hardware I wanna buy RAM


Hey guys i wanna buy 8Gb stick Ram for my laptop. My laptop has a 8Gb of total ram. 4gb stick and 4gb on board so when i buy 8gb stick and add to my laptop, can it cause a problem?

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Open | Hardware my keyboard doesn't work on my desktop, but it works on my laptop


List of things I've tried

Disconnect USB Devices and Restart

Make Sure USB Ports are Working

Disable Filter Keys

Uninstall Unnecessary Keyboard Devices

Manually Update Keyboard Drivers

Uninstall Wireless Keyboard Receiver

Disable Fast Startup

Check For Updates

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Open | Hardware Need Help With a Potentially Bricked Acer Predator Laptop Motherboard

Recently, my Acer Predator laptop suddenly shut down, and after attempting to power it back on the fans and keyboard lights would power on, but the screen would remain black. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging the battery source, removing individual ram sticks to test if any were malfunctioned, and have even taken my predator to a technician which told me he couldn’t repair or fix it (though he determined this within a minute or two so I’m slightly in doubt that that analysis was definitive - even though my laptop is most likely beyond repair). I’ve also tried connecting it to a monitor without success. I’m almost certain I’ve covered all of the basics: restarting, keyboard commands for turning the screen back on, entering BIOS, etc., etc., cleaning/air dusting my laptop, etc. I’ve already accepted that most likely it’s unrepairable, however, if anyone has any advice or method(s) that may save it, I would appreciate any. Additionally, if it’s truly bricked, would it be better to use its parts (ram, graphics card, etc.), to buy a cheaper laptop, and then use my parts to upgrade the laptop? If so, how would I go about doing that? Or would it be better if I just sell the laptop marking it, “for parts.”                                    Any response is appreciated, thanks!

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Open | Hardware PC does not start when hitting power button or through jump starting the motherboard.


I'm building my girlfriend's PC at the moment (I made her do some of the important bits like placing the processor and what not since it is hers). This is my third PC build so as you might imagine, I'm stumped. I've double checked that every header and power plug is connected to the motherboard, and everything is right. The power button on the front just doesn't work, and I've also attempted to jump starting the PC multiple times. I know power is getting to the motherboard because the motherboard lights turn on when I turn on the switch for the PSU. It just does not boot through the power button or jump starting. My guess is that there is a problem with the PSU, the motherboard, or there is a short somewhere that I have to find.

Parts list:

AMD Ryzen 5600x

Asus RTX 3060 Dual

Asrock B550 Steel Legend

Samsung 970 Evo 500gb

Corsair 32gb RAM

Corsair iCue 4000x Case

Corsair RMx 850w Gold PSU

Thanks to anyone with any idea what is wrong or what I should check next. I want to scream, shout, cry, and throw up all at once. This is really frustrating and I want my girlfriend to be able to use her new PC.

EDIT #1. I have not attempted any fixes yet, but I have verified that the motherboard shipped with a bios that supports the processor.

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Open | Hardware A used gpu fried my friend’s pc


My friend had his pc going just fine. He upgraded from a 1650 to a 980 ti that he found on eBay. It worked fine for a few days but then less than a week later it went up in flames and his motherboard shot sparks out around the top right side of the motherboard. He took the card out and put the 1650 back in and the pc worked as normal, but a few days later it stopped outputting a video signal. He has one of the msi motherboards with the error LED's and it kept throwing VGA errors, but we tried his gpu in my pc and it works fine. We tried replacing the motherboard but I couldn't get that to work, then we tried a new cpu and that also doesn't work, plus it now throws RAM errors. I don't know what else to do, considering I'm kind of his IT guy. I inspected his power supply and it smelled like burned electronics, could that be the culprit?

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Open | Hardware Friends PC shut down and will not turn back on


Me and my friend were talking whilst playing some games online and he logged off. He texted me telling me that his PC turned off and will not turn back on. He says that the light that shows that it is plugged in is on, but when he presses the power button nothing happens. He doesn't like to use social media so he asked me to post this. If you have any questions you can ask me and I will forward them to him.

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Open | Hardware DDR5 question


Let’s say I have 16gb of ram. If I add another stick of 16gb I understand they’ll work in dual channel.

But let’s say I add a 24gb stick instead - will it still be dual channel? Will my performance suffer in any way? Ty

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Open | Hardware AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Temeprature Question


Hello today while playing Siege, there was some buzzing sound, sounded like a cooler, I checked the temperature and it was running around 90-92c.

I gave it a clean with alcohol and q tips, and im planning on cleaning it with compressed air once I buy.

After cleaning the minimal recorded temperature was 46c and when playing BFV its around 87c plus or minus. The temperature is fluctating between 46 and 50c when idle using the interent.

While playing Dishonored 2 it got to 80c when loading the game, levels, but while gaming it was around 70-75c

Tried Ghostwire Tokyo since it was a newer game and it probabl used more power. it was also around 70c to 75c spiking around 80c while loading the game.

I bought the compressed air and gave it the best I could, and now its around 41 to 45 idle and around 50c when in use.

Is that normal ? I had this computer since october, so i doubt that the thermal paste has worn out.

Plus this few days it was 25 degrees warm inside and outside