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Open | Windows My dog spilled a whole mug of piping hot COFFEE all over my Laptop, and my Warranty doesn’t cover any Liquid Damage. The lappy’s keyboard lights up when attempting to boot it up, but screen is black and nothing happens it just remains black with keyboard lights on.


What could have been damaged inside the laptop?

What’s a good way to restore functionality, I had no backup btw (stupid of me).

I’m not so worried about the Data Retrieval part ‘cause I can have it solved; I’m more worried about if ever I’m gonna have to completely buy an entirely new laptop, I don’t want this current device to just go to waste, it was bought brand new just three months ago…

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Open | Windows random russian sounds coming out of my pc


I got back and hopped on yt to watch a video and all of the sudden some slavic words kept coming in and out with music at the same time I ran a malware bytes and nothung popped out

edit:I did a full scan and it showed nothing and when I restarted pc it was gone (like there we're no more words coming in and out) oh and I started hearing shortly after I opened my laptop)

edit 2:I do not have any speakers unless I am missing something

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Open | Windows Battery stuck at 0%


My laptop's battery is stuck at 0%, it's not increasing. When it's plugged off, my laptop shuts down. What should I do?

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Open | Windows Can I format a locked laptop to do a fresh install of Windows?


I bought a lot of five laptops from a government auction. I had expected the hard drives to be missing from them, however one still seems to be in working order, as far as I can tell. It is, of course, locked. Can I just do a fresh install of Windows 10 on the machine without logging in? In obviously don't have the admin password. Can I format it somehow? I am not, in any way, trying to log in. I would like to make whatever is currently on the machine just go away.

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Open | Windows My PC can't go to sleep/turn the screen off because of my wireless mouse


Ok, this is driving me crazy. The moment my computer turns off, it's awaked by the mouse, I know it's the wireless mouse because if I turn the mouse off or turn off the receiver it goes to sleep and works fine, I also know it is not the particular mouse because I have tried to replace it with another one and had the same issue. I have tried to reinstall its driver but it didn't work.

What can I do?

*It's been going for a long time now, it actually got fixed for a period of time and now it's back

** I'm on Windows 10

*** I was actually incorrect in the post, when I turn off the mouse the computer still can't go to sleep, only when I unplugged the mouse receiver it works fine

**** I just found out something interesting. The computer can go to sleep, it's just the turn off screen that not working properly

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Open | Windows I can't push "p"


Whenever I type "p" it always puts a slash at the end of it. If I capatalize the P| it adds a line. I need help

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Open | Windows Ping spikes to 2000 every 10 seconds (Windows 10)


So this is a common problem but despite looking at a lot of posts I still can't find a solution.

it just jumps to above 2000 every couple seconds or so. A temporary solution is that I go to my device manager, and changing my network adapter model to

realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac pci-e nic (microsoft), instead of

realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac pci-e nic (realtek),

but restarting my pc will get rid of this temporary fix.

I have tried troubleshooting my network, doing a network fix, scanning for errors, etc. Does anyone have PERMANENT solution?

EDIT: This only happened after I came home for the summer. I had no problems at my apartment. It seems to be working fine now that I switched off my 5G network, but we'll see

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Open | Windows How to revert back to windows 10 from 11


Have had nothing but problems with windows 11. How can I fresh start my computer to reinstall windows 10 back to it instead of 11. Thanks

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Open | Windows Windows 11 -> Windows 10 (After 10 days)


Is it impossible to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 without losing any data?

Tbh, Idk what's causing my laptop to crash all the time but I figured I might as well downgrade to windows 10.

I've been using Windows 11 for almost a year now and I haven't encountered any problems but this past few days, my laptop has been freezing and crashing constantly.

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Open | Windows Recently got a new work laptop and my employer let me keep my old one. How can I cut out any connections IT has to it?


The laptop is a ~2013 Lenovo Thinkpad running Windows 8, 64-bit. There are a bunch of firewall/VPNs that have been installed on it over the years as we changed server systems.

Is reinstalling Windows the best option?

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Open | Windows How to stop an enforced screensaver


I am using the university computer(windows) but it is really frustrating since it enforces a screensaver after 5 minutes of inactivity. It does hinder me to read denser pdf files. Now the university computer limits me immensely in what i can do, it does not allow for installation of software, so an autoclicker is out of the question, also i tried to play media files in the background but for some reason that does not prevent the screensaver. Any sort of change of system files etc. is also out of the question.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I found a good solution, there are youtube videos that play mouse jiggler animations on screen. Opened it up on my phone and putting the mouse over the animation moves the mouse every few seconds. Thank you for all the helpful answers.

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Open | Windows Computer taking over 2 minutes to start on Windows 10


So for a long time now, my computer has taken a long time to start up. I don’t like restarting my computer often because of it, so I can’t check what is on the screen while it loads. I know it’s a blue screen with white text saying something along the lines of “please wait”. Then after the 2-5 minutes it takes to load that, it shows the screen where you log in to your pc. I have an rx580 graphics card, an i9-9900kf cpu, and 32 gb of ram. Another big thing: I was having cpu overheating problems so long story short while I was fixing that part of my pc I decided to try the “refresh” windows option (which deletes all the programs and windows files). That fixed the long loading times but now after downloading all the stuff back and using my computer for about 4 months, it’s back to slow loading during startup (didn’t happen until like 3 months of using it, so I don’t think it’s like a virus or anything). I know it’s a lot of random bs that I just said but if anyone knows anything, this is kind of annoying.

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Open | Windows My disc usage is always at 100%


I have tried literally everything to fix it. Nothing is using that much disc on my pc. Please help.

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Open | Windows Why is my laptop only allowing me to use certain websites?


I've been having this issue now where my laptop will connect to Youtube, msn, instagram, etc, but keep me out of others. I tried running a speedtest and it wouldn't even open the page saying "server not found", and it almost seems random which pages I can load.

Any thoughts?

I'm on Windows 10 btw.

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Open | Windows I clean installed windows 10 and now my keyboard wont work in windows


the keyboard works in bios and other things but not windows , and the trackpad doesnt either its an internal laptop kb btw

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Open | Windows I'd like to copy 1TB of data from my external HDD to 2 separate internal HDDs. Is there a built-in method in Windows that allows me to do this at the same time? Or I must copy/paste it to drive1, and when it's done copy/paste it to drive2?


It seems like such a basic feature to set multiple destinations to files when copying and I still couldn't find it in Windows.

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Open | Windows showed someone my ip on task manager, am i safe?


sorry i’m on mobile

so i’m a 16 year old girl and in january my friend online said they’d help with my wifi being a little slow. i didn’t want to ask my dad for help because i had only recently got my pc and i thought my constant questions were annoying him (even though now i know i should’ve waited for him to help). my friend sounded about 13 but said he was turning 16 and i met him on a roblox group

he said he took computer science and told me to share my screen and asked me to go onto the task manager tab that shows your ip. i am 90% sure i clicked on that tab, but there’s also the small chance i didn’t (i don’t fully remember). it showed my ipv6 and ipv4

afterwards, i looked and saw it showed my ip and i got really worried. he tried to reassure me and tell me he didn’t do anything dodgy but i overthink a lot and didn’t believe him, so i just blocked him my older friend (like 20) told me that i would be okay and that he couldn’t do anything with it. i ended up telling my dad what happened and my dad wasn’t happy, saying i’d just given out where i live and not to click on any pop ups that came on my pc but he wasn’t mad and comforted me while i cried

it’s been like 4-5 months, will i be safe? all of my friends said i am safe and that if anything bad was going to happen, it would have happened by now

edit: looking back i know it was very stupid and i feel anxiety about something bad happening every day

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Open | Windows Dialogue in video games very quiet, but everything else is normal


The other day suddenly all my game dialogue audio went dead quiet. I couldn't hear any character dialogue unless it was on max setting, even then it was only a whisper. This has been happening with every game I play, so I know it isn't a product of bad game design. I have already checked the surround sound/stereo has all been set to stereo as it should be. All of my drivers are up to date, and I only got the computer a few days ago. I can't find anything helpful online. My audio mix looks horrid right now with everything being impossible to hear except dialogue. I just want to figure out how i can set things back to normal or what exactly changed.

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Open | Windows My battery capacity is down to more than 10 percent of what it used to be.


I couldn't upload an image, but today I noticed when unplagging my "stationary" laptop that it battery is not even enough for more than 10 minutes. Looking at battery report I found out that the battery capacity is tenth of what it used to be a few weeks ago. From 43k mWh to 3656 mWh. Could it be some technical issue, I don't see the reason why it would suddenly lose so much capacity. I have using it "stationary" for almost a year, but the batter capacity was at 40ies all the time.

The time it started drastically reducing matches(almost) with the time I increased the max temp for my GPU

My laptop is Acer Aspire 3 with i3 1005g1 and mx 330

My OS is Windows 11 PRo

Any advice is greatly apprecited!

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Open | Windows Is there any way to ctrl + f more than one word simultaneously?


I recently started working on a job which features hours of hopeless filtering through documents. I wish I could ctrl f it but the number of variables I seek are so numerous that if I would input them individually it'd probably take more time than old school filtering it, and I would probably miss a few important targets as it's impossible to remember all variables everytime. It'd be even better if there was a function for Microsoft Outlook.

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Open | Windows HP laptop screen won’t turn on


I just opened my computer and turned it on, but the screen won’t turn on. YES, the laptop is on, YES it’s charged. I’ve tried restarting it, hard restarting it, ctrl + alt + delete, windows key, power key, f7 + f10, nearly everything. The caps lock key is flashing white. The fan isn’t on, but the light on the side is on so I know the computer is on. Google says to download stuff/open task manager but I don’t know how to do that when the screen IS NOT ON. Please help.

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Open | Windows USB Keyboard randomly "disconnecting" and "reconnecting" at random moments during usage


Before all else, the USB keyboard I'm using is Divipard D310 Business Office Keyboard (Made in China), (probably) fresh out of the box (ordered by a friend, dunno exact details). It is plugged into my laptop (an ancient relic and has a reputation of not working with external devices) which is slightly broken with around half the keyboard being unusable due to a mild case of ghost tapping and broken keys. (If you think you can help if provided with more details, they will be provided.)

As for why I put disconnecting in quote is because the keyboard doesn't actually disconnect even though windows play the sound for it. It's more so going stupid and change what key does what.(during this time which I will call "stupid mode", the changes I notice is -A changes to Numlock- -D changes to Caplock- -Esc changes to /- ...and the changes aren't random, they stay the same during the "stupid mode". This "mode" will last for a second or two before changing to normal and rarely will be permanent or completely disabling the keyboard until I replug the damn thing.) Will provide a clip of me testing the keyboard during "stupid mode" for example if needed.

I've devoted the entirety of last week, around an hour after I plugged it in to fix this issue. I've tried most methods related to device manager (aside from disabling the built-in keyboard as I want it to be the last resort but I'm prepared to do it as it is my main suspect) and while in there, when the keyboard goes stupid, it also goes unlisted. Aside from that, I'm not willing to do anything related to updating drivers as it is broken and the methods I've tried doesn't work.

I've tried multiple tutorials but they don't fit the problem I have and they also doesn't work. I'm just tired and want this over with.

Any help is appreciated and have a nice day.

Edit: After using it for a month, I've expirienced multiple stages of grief, rage, and depression. The issue was narrowed down to bad USB ports which I have no idea how to fix. Thank you everyone for the assistance.

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Open | Windows GPU RTX 3060 Clocks ~100% on lowest settings


Hi, for the last week or so i have had massive Drops in Framerate in Games like Outriders and Sea of Thieves. Before that i was able to play them at 144fps on highest Settings. but now even on the lowest settings it is at 10-30fps in SoT and 30 in Outriders.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

MB: MPG B550 Gaming Plus

RAM: DDR4 32 GB Crucial Ballistix. (CPU-Z says 1333 Mhz Dual)

GPU: MSI RTX 3060 12GB

both installed on 6Gb/s HDD

what are things i could do to get my fps back?

Additionally to rule out my WIFI for SOT, my ping is around 30ms, so not WIFI.

I also did a bit of "tinkering" with the Nvidia options for 3D, like Turning off image sharpening, Performance mode and that stuff

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Open | Windows Vostro was "updated" to W11 but both Dell and Windows support keeps identifying it as W 10.


What to do? Dell Updates keep breaking the OS. Even Windows is messing with the installation as though it is still W 10.

Now there is "no audio device detected".

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Open | Windows Lenovi Legion 5 slow after clean install of Windows 10


Hey everyone, I have a Lenovo Legion 5 with an i7-10750H and RTX 2060, been having a lot of issues with this PC and had it in repair twice last two months for frying the motherboard, last time in they changed the motherboard, the power supply and the screen(don't know why) on warranty.

I got it back last week and I've been dualbooting Linux/Windows for developing and gaming respectively. Now I've gotten myself a dedicated Linux laptop so I thought this was a good time to clean the disk, reinstall Windows to get a fresh laptop(not the best argument I know but I love newly installed devices).

Said and done I ran diskpart from advanced startup in CMD and cleaned the disk and reinstalled Windows from a bootable USB created from Windows create installation media tool. Everything went pretty smoothly and I installed my main game Rust and gave it a go. The game felt really laggy, even though I was running on lowest possible graphic settings as I've been doing before. Being a casual gamer I usually don't check my FPS but since it was laggy I turned FPS-counter on. Turns out I'm playing on mid 20 FPS with drops below 10, basically rendering the game unplayable imo. Checking my ping it is between 10 and 20 so that is not the issue. I'm running on one screen even though I've been able to play and watch stream on two monitors previously.

Other than the obvious rebooting of game and computer I've checked that all the drivers were up to date and set windows appearance and performance settings to best performance, put Rust process to 'Above normal' priority, changed all graphic card settings to prioritize performance etc but this doesn't seem effect anything. Furthermore Rust is only using about 30-40% of CPU, is this withing normal range? The GPU is stable around 20-30% usage at around 40 °C, which seems low.

I've have not tried to remove bloatware/unnecessary processes, but I don't think that should matter since the CPU and GPU is not maxed out either way.

Any help and suggestions are very welcome.

Thank you in advance.



Q: Is rust using GPU?

A: Yes, task manager showing GPU usage from Rust process

Q: CPU temps?

A: Temps

Q: CPU throttling?

A: Yes, occasionally but not continuously