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Solved What Happened??? Thousands Photos Suddenly Gone Galaxy S7 (SD card corrupted error)


EDIT: Just wanted to say I followed the advice of many folks here suggesting I try a card reader, and it worked. I have everything back again, it's copied and backed up now. Thank y'all so much!
I also wanted to say that for those of you being negative, telling me the data is gone and nothing can be done, and downvoting/naysaying anyone who offered advice, that not only were you wrong but completely unhelpful. I get the feeling that many of you come here simply to be a contrarian, and nobody appreciates that. Thank you to the moderators as well for removing some of the nasty comments here.

I just plugged my phone into my laptop to transfer some photos onto my phone, and I was wondering why my SD card wasn't showing up on the devices section on my laptop, like it usually does. So I opened my photo gallery on my phone and only a handful of albums showed up (I have several dozens). I went to my storage settings and under SD Card it said "Your SD Card is Corrupted." I have no idea what happened, everything was fine right before I plugged it in. The only changes I made after I plugged it in were deleting two empty folders from my phone, one titled ok-cupid and the other titled Snapchat (I have neither of those apps). What happened and are my photos gone forever!?

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Solved Repair Shop installed a program without asking me. Wanted to know if I am overreacting.


Hi there! Apologies if this is a really dumb and obvious question, but I just wanted some peace of mind. Just got my computer back today from a repair shop I've used several times in the past. Had some issues booting up, but they fixed it thankfully.

But now that I have it back, I notice that there is a new icon in my taskbar that is basically their company logo. A little bit of research tells me that it's SyncroMSP and they also installed something called Spashtop Streamer onto my computer a well. I called them about this, and they told me it was their policy to put that on all their customers computers, and that it's main purpose was to log hardware information for them in the event they need to repair the computer again in the future. Something about it just feels weirdly invasive to me especially since I can't uninstall it without access to a code that they have on their end.

Is this normal? Am I totally overreacting? I don't mind keeping the program on my computer if this is some typical thing, but they hadn't done this the other few times I had used them, and everything I look up regarding SycnroMSP makes it seem more like it's used for business IT and not just some random home PC? Any opinions on this at all?

Edit: Oh wow! Woke up today to see a lot of responses. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate the help. I'm sadly pretty dumb when it comes to technical matters. I gave the place a call right when I woke up to ask for the code to remove it. They apologized for overstepping boundaries and explained it was something they did to try to benefit customers in emergency situations. They sounded genuine, but I still felt frustrated. Nonetheless, both programs have been successfully uninstalled without issue. I might do a clean reinstall of Windows just to be safe, but they were pleasant enough that I don't feel as suspicious as I was...mostly. Thank you all so much for the words of wisdom and advice!

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Solved Computer freezes completely randomly - almost all parts changed


Final Update: I bought a new SSD and installed a COMPLETELY fresh version of windows and this fixed the issue.

NOTE: I did not use the option within the windows install to “keep files and programs” I did an entirely fresh install on an entirely new SSD. I haven’t had a crash or freeze since.


My computer freezes completely randomly and has done for about 3 years now, the only solution is to hold down the power button and hard reset it. When the freeze occurs I could be gaming on some ultra high settings OR it could be simply opening Discord after the computer has first booted there really is no rhyme or reason to why it freezes. When it freezes, whatever was on screen at the time remains frozen in place sometimes I can hear people on my call (and they can hear me) or the video I'm watching for a little bit but eventually the audio freezes too. Other times, the audio will freeze at the same time as the video. The strangest thing - I can sometimes go 3 days without a crash at all, and then out of the blue I might get 2 each day. They always seem to happen within quick succession of each other too.

During the three years I've had this problem I have completely changed all my:

  • RAM
  • Motherboard
  • PSU
  • CPU
  • CPU Cooler
  • Boot Drive

The only thing I have not changed, is my graphics card. All drivers are up to date and I'm running the latest version of my BIOS. (I suspect drivers and software are not the issue here, as it has happened across multiple pieces of hardware all of which have had their drivers updated consistently throughout the 3 years this has been happening). One of the first things I tried when I encountered this problem was replacing my boot drive and reinstalling windows - the problem persisted.

My boot drive is a Samsung 860 Evo. Samsung states these drives have a lifespan of about 600TB being written to them. Currently I sit at having 90TB written to mine, but this issue has been happening since I've had the drive (and the one before it) so I do not think it's an issue of lifespan.

It's not a temperature issue either - all temps are fine at the times of the crash/freeze. Like I mentioned above, it doesn't matter if the PC has literally just booted and all I'm doing is opening a program, or running an ultra 1440p game, the crash still happens the exact same way and like I say the temps are always fine.

I really don't know what to try anymore, short of buying a new graphics card which I'm not really in a position to do. Does anyone know of anyone else that has this problem or how to fix such an issue? I'm willing to accept that the graphics card may just be dodgy and the only solution is to change it but I'd like to seek some advice first before going down that road.


  • Gigabyte Z690 Motherboard
  • Intel i5 12600KF Processor with a Noctua NH-D15
  • MSI GTX 1080Ti (11GB VRAM)
  • 24GB Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM
  • 1TB Samsung SSD - Main drive (Samsung Magician states all my drives are in good health)
  • 1TB Seagate HDD + 4TB HDD
  • Corsair RM850x PSU

All hardware is currently running the latest drivers available.

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Solved my brothers keeps using my lap top without permission


hello, this is my first post here and I'm not sure if I chose the right community.

So I bought my first lap top a few months ago, lap tops are insanely expensive here and I saved my money for it for about two years, im 20 btw, and i worked for that money. it wasn't my mom's or anything. I let my brother use it a few hours a day to game but then I found out that he's also using it without permission when I'm sleeping and he wasn't even sorry about it! not even a little bit. he's acting like it's no big deal. he's 17.

so I told him that he's not touching it for two days. then it happened a few more times and well... imagine my frustration. I don't know how he's using it. There's only one account with a strong password, i changed it when he was out to make sure he didn't see it or anything and I checked and there's no other sign in option activated, but he still managed to use it somehow. can anyone help me find out how he's using it. I really hate that I was honest with him and he's taking advantage and im not good with computers so if anyone can help, pls use baby language, English isn't my first language.

it's a asus tuf f15, windows 11 if it matters.

EDIT: thanks for the suggestions everyone, ill try them.

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Solved Kingston M.2 NVME shows up in BIOS but not in the HDD partitions


I bought a new M.2 NVME by Kingston and I installed it but it wasn't showing up in the hard dis partitions so I checked my BIOS and sure enough it was there but it isn't in Device manager and I even went into safe mode and checked and it still wasn't there. Any help will be appreciated! :)

There is no unallocated space

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Solved laptop connects to the router but has no access to the internet


My laptop has no internet access whenever I log in to Windows. I have to reset the network and reenter the wifi password every time I want to use my laptop, this is annoying, pls help!

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Solved I accidentally applied pressure on my lid unaware that my airpods were in between the screen and keyboard. now it looks like something shown in the imgur pic linked below.



Help? Does resetting or something work? it works perfectly fine with an external monitor

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Solved Was on my computer and someone started to type in PayPal and try to log in


As the title says someone was able to type in my computer and move the mouse I eventually moved it enough and it stopped, and I'm doing a full scan right now. Is there anything I could do?

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Solved Internet but no internet!


Hey all, basically I have internet in my browser (opera) but no internet for apps or even according to settings. I bought an external adapter, reinstalled drivers, tried changing DNS and all that fun stuff but still nothing. I can watch YouTube no issues, but as soon as I try to load MS word to upload a document to the cloud it says no internet available. Any ideas?

Edit: Thank you all for helping with my really strange dilemma! I have completely reset and reinstalled windows and it seems to have worked! Don't wanna be doing that every time it fails though! Thanks again!

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Solved Can't turn on WiFi on Windows 10 because suddenly there is no wifi button


I can only see the Airplane mode button

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Solved How do I prevent my kid from playing games like Roblox when he’s supposed to be in a virtual class (Windows 10)?


Hello all! Due to a COVID outbreak my son school switched back to virtual class tomorrow. My kid is supposed to be in a zoom meeting, but in the past I’ve have problems getting him to focus on the class and not playing games in his computer.

I normally take care of that by pausing the computer internet using the Xfinity app, but that’s not an option. Can I just disable the games (and YouTube as well) in the computer?

EDIT: Thanks a lot to those who provided technical suggestions. I will try with Microsoft Family Safety. Those of you who suggested that I just stand behind him should be banned for offering unserious answers.

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Solved I’ve deleted a 12Gb folder with everything I have; what can I do?


[SOLVED] -> turns out I only needed to restart the pc

I currently use a notebook that was previously own by my dad, so in that time I had a folder in which I saved everything. Fast forwarding 2 years, I still used that folder for everything (it had 12Gb) and yesterday deleted it by accident. I’ve tried to recover it from the Recycle Bin, but it’s been running for 8 hours without a progress bar and I don’t know what to do.

Is there anything I could do? How long should I expect to wait?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Solved Mom broke my PC :/


Yesterday we did a family gathering at my place and decided to watch my parents old wedding clip. It got late and I decided to go sleep because school started at 7 AM tommorow. Told my parents to press the power button on the top of the case to turn the pc off after they finished watching the clip. Next day when I came from school I booted it up, everything looked and it is still looking fine visually(my pc rgb configuration loaded,mobo light is on etc.) but there was no display. Called my mom and she said that she unplugged the pc while it was shutting down. I already reseated most of the cables, the gpu, the ram, deep cleaned my pc but with no success. One important thing I have to mention is that the pc didn't even display images when I unplugged the hdd, which maybe doubts the happy probability where just the windows files got corrupted and everything was fine hardware-side.

EDIT: Problem solved. I managed to get the pc to display correctly by connecting it to my TV which disabled the fast boot,don't ask me how. The pc is stuck on a system automatic repair loop,which is not that big of a deal knowing it is because of the corrupted OS. Will reinstall Windows. Thanks again for all the support and help.

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Solved windows 10 pc cannot login, no restart or shut down option.


i am beyond confused. my pc was fine until i shut down my pc and when i opened it back up, i cannot login and there is no power button for me to restart or shut down my pc either. i’ve tried unplugging my pc and turning it back on multiple times and it still won’t work. i’m panicking really hard right now and i don’t know what to do.

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Solved SSD speed significantly lower than advertised


I bought a Toshiba - External Hard Drive Toshiba HDTB420EK3AA 2 TB 2,5" USB 3.0 Black (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07994QL95?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1) and it's advertised with a read speed of 540 mb/s. But, when I run the drive in Blackmagic speedtest it only reads at 120 mb/s. I've tried multiple computers and multiple different USB 3.0 cables, all are producing this speed result. I work in video editing, so I need a a lot faster SSD speed for production. Any tips on making it run faster? I have limited knowledge of storage and SSDs stuff so if you need more info from me, please clearly explain what I can do. Thanks~!

Edit: This is an HDD, not an SSD, that's my bad. I thought it was an SSD when I bought it.

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Solved Hey uh… just a bit worried as to what this is, could someone help me out?


So I found this icon while restarting my pc and it had no name, I’ll try to provide an image. But the icon is a couple of grey circles with a red circle in the middle

Edit: sorry I found out soon after it was the AMD catalyst symbol

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Solved How do I stop someone who is tracking all my wifi data from being able to read it?


Currently due to unforeseen medical issues I've been stuck living with my parents with the inability to live on my own. I have wanted since a teen to get away from my father but never seemed to be able to. Recently I discovered my father was making an api of some sort, building a server and storage device, and I suspected he was tracking the wifi. To the extent I did not know, but I have seen him multiple time at work(he works from home) just watching his monitor which was full of what looked like wifi data. He would always hide the screen if he heard or saw me near and so I finally decided to take a peak when I saw a tab open tonight after he went to bed.

It was exactly what I suspected and actually worse. He is tracking every byte of data coming in and out and identifying 99% of it. Every website, every message, every app, every download and from what device. He sees and collects it all. I've already purchased a VPN, but I'm not sure how much that is doing. I know he is tracking the VPN because I saw it on the records, and I saw a tab open about some code and I suspect he is trying to find a way to pull more data and stop me from trying to retain some privacy.

He hasn't ever and still does not respect my privacy, or me, or my mother in fact. Whether it is bringing people into my room while I sleep, or coming in to do whatever while I sleep he doesn't give any respect to my privacy. I mean he won't even knock on my door before he enters despite my asking. He says because he owns the house he can do as he pleases. He says and treats me in the same manner because I'm "his" kid. This is something he's said and shown through action all my life. He happens to treat "his" wife in that way too unsurprisingly, but does not at all like his privacy being invaded or interfering with his things.

I have nothing more to hide than anyone else does and care more about this for my own stress and on the basis of principle alone. He hasn't ever respected my mother and I find it hard to believe they ever at a time loved each other since every memory is one of abuse and yelling. How can I protect myself? What can I do to ensure my privacy until I can move elsewhere?

Also one of the things that I saw was called UNIFI.

edit: I just woke up to an abundance of things to read. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to help and offer advise.

Edit2: Some of you seem to be upset I'm too paranoid and say I don't have enough information to make an accurate accusation. You are right, I want to do this purely for my own stress, I do not now anything for sure, and I am assuming somethings. Im not ashamed of admitting this. Even if I am wrong, it's better to be prepared and be wrong than be unprepared and be right. At a bare minimum, this gives me the chance to learn somethings to protect myself in the future if I am ever in a similar situation.

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Solved Someone gained remote access to my PC, but I caught them 5 seconds in. What do I do now?


Basically what it says. Had my personal PC remote accessed. I was sitting at my desk on my work PC with my browser open on my personal desktop, and saw my mouse just move across the screen. And maybe thinking I'd just nudged it, I saw it go up to the search bar and start typing in PayPal, to which I responded with wrestling back control and shutting down my PC.

I unplugged my PC from the ethernet, and I'm going through my programs, uninstalling anything that I don't use/don't recognize. I already uninstalled TeamViewer which MIGHT have been how they got access. I'm currently running a full virus scan. I've reset Windows firewall default policy.

I've checked recently accessed files and it's all stuff I've looked at. My browser his history is only PayPal but even there I didn't have a lot of money. I've changed my Google password.

Is there anything else I need to do/forgot? I'm worried they might have a keylogger or something .


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Solved did windows just force an update on my pc?


I was using my pc the night before today just fine and when I turned my pc on today, it wouldn't boot (just shows bios screen, then black screen). I restarted it and it wouldn't boot to even the bios. I reseated my gpu and ram, , and then swapped the ram sticks, and now it boots fine but before I reached the windows lock screen, it says updating windows. I hate nonsense windows updates. the smallest of changes will more often than not lead to bsods

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Solved How do I get all my stuff off my phone before it's dead?


So I had a fun realization just now. My phone won't connect to my PC and it won't charge. My guess is the USB C port is cooked. I have about 40% of charge left, and have taken a bunch of measures to save charge, right now it's completely turned off.

How do I get all my pictures, music and other stuff off of this thing before it dies? I have no warranty left on it, and it's a pretty niche device (Poco F2 Pro) so getting a repair would probably either be expensive or impossible. (Though I will definitely try, I bloody love this thing.)

Normally I would just connect it to my PC via USB and copy paste it or something, but that isn't an option. Drive won't work as it won't fit everything, the device is 128GB, 100 of which is filled. I could try using something like Warpinator or KDE Connect but I'm on school network which blocks that stuff.

It feels like a ticking time bomb, I really don't want to lose my stuff and I'm kinda freaking out.

edit: oh fuck all my two factor authentication is on there I gotta fix that too ASAP.

edit 2: For whatever reason, my phone randomly decided to work again. Even though it didn't get fixed by reboots before it just magically works again. Unreliable piece of crap 😂

edit 3: aaaand it stopped charging again.

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Solved when-ever-i-press-space-it-goes-to-the-back-of-the-sentence?






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Solved My work laptop is disconnected from the internet every time my girlfriend leaves the apartment


I’m losing it. I live on the 7th floor of an elevator building in NYC. My girlfriend leaves for work around 2pm. Most times when she leaves I’m kicked of the network (I use a Remote Desktop for work, but the laptop itself is also kicked off the internet). None of my other devices have a problem, I’ve tried opening/closing the door to recreate the problem and nothing. It’s a mild inconvenience but I’m just lost. Any ideas? I can help with any other info if needed.

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Solved Having a hard time converting/extracting an obscure bin image (that contains audio)



Hi reddit !

So I have this .bin image that contains old audio samples from the 90s that I want to extract, but I'm having a hard time doing so. I've tried a bunch of different tools (any2iso, isobuster and so on). Also tried adding a plugin to 7Zip that is supposed to be able to handle that but it doesn't seem to work either.

I'm running out of ideas. Could anybody help me out ?

Thanks a lot !

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Solved Can anyone identify these files within the Profiles file of MSI Afterburner?


Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If I had to reinstall the program, do I have to backup ALL files in this folder?

What exactly do the MSIAfterburner and VEN files do exactly? I figured profile1 and 2 are just the profiles.

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Solved Having problems with my windows 10 laptop.


Every time I click a link on Microsoft Edge, it keeps doing something like this and I don’t know why it’s doing that. I’m unable to visit any website because of this.

Edit: Turns out, it was my ad blocker extension that was causing this weird bug.