r/therewasanattempt Jan 20 '22

To stuff the garbage bin a little more

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u/Whytrhyno Jan 20 '22

The trash collectors specifically tell you not to stuff those like that because it makes their job a nightmare reaching in to pull stuff out. Just leave the lid up. It's really a small ask from them for the dumb shit people throw on the curb they have to deal with.


u/Hour_Scallion_98 Jan 20 '22

In the UK we're not allowed to fill the bins to the point the lids don't close completely. Doesn't detract from the fact he could have just kept a bag or 2 out of the bin to put straight in I once they're collected.


u/TradeKirkCousins Jan 20 '22 edited Jan 20 '22

Lmao the way he falls over and flails, reminds of a roach that gets hit with raid


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u/[deleted] Jan 20 '22

I thought he would fall in the bin🕳️


u/groovyinutah Jan 20 '22

That had "bad idea" written all over it...


u/typehyDro Jan 20 '22

Such grace.

Also if it takes your full weight to push in how is it gonna come out for garbage collector? Some people are so dumb