r/therewasanattempt Jan 20 '22

to put out the fire



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u/blimpinthesky Jan 20 '22

Perfect metaphor for award shows, a flaming pile of garbage


u/UnicornRX0 Jan 20 '22

Thats hot


u/XFirebalX_347 Jan 20 '22

Flamin hot!


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 20 '22

Ummm..... that's the wrong kind of fire extinguisher to put that fire out.


u/yellowzebrasfly Jan 20 '22

Displaying my ignorance here, but what kind of extinguisher was supposed to be used? This looks like any other extinguisher I've seen, wasn't aware of different types for different fires


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 20 '22

The fire in the wastebasket is a paper fire. That would be a Type A (water) fire extiguisher or an ABC (dry chemical) extinguisher. The one they're using is a CO2 (carbon Dioxide, type B) extinguisher. It's to be used ONLY for chemical (grease, gasoline, oil, etc) fires. all it's doing to that paper fire is cooling it off and blowing it around.


u/medicff Jan 20 '22

Not to be that guy but they are best for class C fires. Which are live electrical such as wiring, an electric motor, so on. The CO2 uses both cooling and oxygen displacement to achieve the snuffing affect.

Class A uses dry chem; basically baking soda and air. Class B uses a surfactant very similar to dish soap that, when agitated, creates a foam to cool and snuff the fire. Class D is burning metals and the extinguishers are very specific. Class K is my favourite cuz it’s the easiest to remember. It’s called K for kitchen.


u/Molwar Jan 20 '22

Well TIL


u/LRuby-Red Jan 21 '22

Same here. I thought there was only one type


u/ArctcMnkyBshLickr Jan 21 '22

Accidentally started a dumpster fire in college when emptying out 2 day old coals from a bonfire. There was so much different shit in that dumpster we had to use 2 canisters of 3 different type of extinguishers plus a hose to put it out.

Couldn’t call the fire department because the notoriety of purposeful dumpster fires in our college town


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 24 '22

WOW! That's pretty scary!


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 24 '22

A straight up Class A fire extinguisher is water only. And they are mostly obsolete in the USA.

LOL. This is how I've always remembered them:

A = trAsh

B=Burning liquid


Goofy, but when you're trying to teach adults Fire Safety, as I have done for 30+ years, KISS methods are the best.


u/medicff Jan 24 '22

The silver bullet extinguishers as they’re known our dept haha. For the small fires that you don’t wanna haul off a hose for


u/Strummer95 Jan 20 '22

I assume they wanted to use the CO2 one to avoid the horrible cloud of dry chem… clearly the whole thing was a dumb idea

She’s also hitting the top of the fire and not the base.


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 24 '22

LOL right! That's my theory as to why the people who make movies, TV shows, and commercials ALWAYS use BC (Carbon Dioxide) extiguishers: More Showy (burst of CO2 gas), clean up free (no dry chem or water residue left behind). If she had sprayed that extinguisher into a closed wastebasket instead of the mesh one, all that burning paper would have been propelled up into her face.


u/TequilaSundown Jan 21 '22

Greace wouldn't be B. But K.


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 24 '22

Grease can be put out with a BC extinuisher (B=burning liquid, C=Electrical)

Type K is typically installed in Kitchens for kitchen grease fires.

A BC extinguisher (carbon dioxide) can be used on kitchen fires as well as Car fires, where it's a different type of grease.


u/Tirux Jan 21 '22

I recently bought an ABC extinguisher and didn't know only type A or B still exists.


u/RedBikeGirl13 Jan 24 '22

Maybe only in commercial buildings.

And I actually mistated above. The extinguiser being used in the video is a BC (B-burning liquids, C for Electrical.).


u/[deleted] Jan 20 '22

I was wondering. This could be a murder mystery show plot where someone switches out the extinguisher and Poirot, Jessica Fletcher, or Columbo solves it.


u/Charges-Pending Jan 20 '22

Jen Anniston is so hot the flames rekindle simply because of her proximity


u/piemakerdeadwaker Jan 20 '22

Why won't it go out? 😂😂


u/LG3V Jan 21 '22

According to other comments, wrong type of extinguisher


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u/shawnofnc Jan 20 '22

Should have put out the fire with Kimmel's face.


u/TheJivvi Jan 21 '22

It's like one of those birthday candles that keeps relighting after you blow it out.


u/NeedsSomeMorePickles Jan 21 '22

Guess no ine told he life was gonna be that way



u/SterlingSilverline Jan 21 '22

She’s point at the flames and not the base of the fire


u/Hypnotoad2966 Jan 21 '22

It's like one of those trick candles.


u/esojotrebla Jan 21 '22

That's Jen Anniston, 100% that wasn't the only thing on fire that night


u/Phiro7 Jan 21 '22

That febreze bottle is an unfired chekhov's gun


u/[deleted] Jan 20 '22

I bet the attempt was successful and the clip cut short...


u/RiboHelicase Jan 20 '22 edited Jan 21 '22

The fire was put out eventually. But only failed attempts are allowed in this sub-reddit.


u/ChaoticToxin Jan 20 '22

Good example of strive for intelligence and experience over beauty standard


u/motosandguns Jan 20 '22

Umm, I’d happily take Jen and put the fire out for her.


u/medicff Jan 20 '22

I dunno which one is hotter. But I do know which one is acceptable in bed.

It’s the fire cuz I’m married


u/ChaoticToxin Jan 20 '22

To each there own. I also don't really care for celebs anyway.