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to prove that you are not drunk

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u/Sky_Wino May 28 '22

Oh wow, it's been years since I've seen seen this. Still funny.


u/labiris_ May 28 '22

Came here to comment this


u/Sky_Wino May 28 '22

As soon as I saw the door in the thumbnail I knew exactly what it was.


u/DiscoShaman 29d ago

Yes, sometimes we can tell exactly what it is just by looking at the thumbnail.


u/Swi_Pol_Eng_guy 29d ago

Case closed, he definitly isnt drunk


u/somedumbwelder 29d ago

Only time will tell...


u/SuperNoob74 29d ago



u/Capocho9 29d ago

Tick tock, I’m a clock, admit you’re drunk or face my glock


u/iLovePi_ May 28 '22

You tell that time, buddy.


u/El_Maton_de_Plata May 28 '22

Time be always fucking with you.


u/MegatonsSon May 28 '22

Despite this clip's age, I still kind of wish it had been a cuckoo clock, set to go off as a finishing touch lol


u/ICumToOsama2021 29d ago

Well he definitely isn’t drunk


u/pendragon2290 29d ago

I'm gonna be real. Someone pulls that horseshit on me and I will immediately just drop the subject almost entirely. I like to reward ballsy-ness


u/Environmental-Emu437 29d ago

He passed her dumb test👍


u/MrXenonuke 29d ago



u/El_Todon 29d ago

Fucking Legend


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u/pravda23 29d ago

He kinda gives it away with the head turn, too quick and precise. Still a good laugh!


u/AJ_Deadshow 29d ago

Old but gold


u/ulrichberlin 29d ago

This is very funny and not staged😳


u/Ieatclowns May 28 '22

Do people realise this is really bad acting? Not a real situation? I hope so ...it's not even funny.


u/MangledSunFish 29d ago

"it's not even funny"

It's even funnier now that you've said that.


u/B0ngLord420 29d ago

This guy watches TV shows and sits there yelling "Fake! They're paid actors"

Yeh man we know its staged. Its a skit, it's funny.

When comedians tell funny stories about what happened to them on stage, do you call them out shouting about how you bet that never happened? No you shuttup and listen to the funny hypothetical event.

I'm rambling but people like you are insufferable.


u/pm_favorite_boobs 29d ago

I mean, the rules say in real life, which I infer to mean not from a script, as otherwise that would certainly open the floor to shitloads of movie scenes.


u/Ieatclowns 29d ago

Lol. Ok.


u/Revolutionary-Neat49 May 28 '22

Yes it is


u/El_Maton_de_Plata May 28 '22

It's even funnier now that a Karen doesn't like it


u/PHNX132 29d ago

It's not funny stop laughing >:(


u/[deleted] May 28 '22 edited 29d ago



u/ThunderSven 29d ago

Reddit hivemind at its best, blame TikTok for "the downfall of our society"


u/Paladinforlife 29d ago

Uh nobody thinks it's real, we just think it's funny regardless


u/El_Maton_de_Plata May 28 '22

Al gore invented tiktok by the way


u/Ieatclowns May 28 '22

Do they really though? I mean...it's a terrible thought that they can't tell the difference. First of all ...I'm sure you know this but just in case any of the believers are reading, why would anyone stand filming a door lol.


u/trashmonger3000 29d ago

Everyone knows this is a skit. But if it weren't, she could have easily heard a car pull up and started filming in anticipation that her husband was drunk. No one watches this and thinks "wow she was standing there filming a door for hours, what a commitment!"


u/El_Maton_de_Plata May 28 '22

Man where's is that Shakespeare bot when you need it!


u/Halftimex 29d ago

Look man I've made the repost argument for years. The people that dislike your comment just flat out don't get the bigger picture. They are killing user made content slowly but surely. Why try to make original content when you get channels uploading every kill they get in cod as clips and gets thousands of subs. Stolen and reuploading content is even worse. It says you don't need to actually try to entertain. It sends the message that the average users attention span is seconds. Like someone said partially due to tik tok. The second you make a post with 4 or more sentences people lose the ability to comprehend and make fair arguments. It's just a dog pile on people with different opinions. I mean fuck the only argument I've seen is "but I think it's funny you're just mad." It happens every time. And those people are genuinely retarded not realizing how they form an echo chamber when they won't think before talking.


u/fpresa 29d ago

Can you tell the time?


u/Modified_Human 29d ago

congratulations u played urself buddy hehe


u/ExternalWerewolf7871 29d ago

Can someone find me the original??


u/XRPacific 29d ago

Watch this end up on tiktok🙄😒


u/alooking380 29d ago

Well, he isn’t drunk, he’s Mark.


u/TheDemontool 29d ago

That pattern on glass of the door freaked me out. Thought it was a demon/alien peaking in.


u/Mrgoodietwoshoes 28d ago

That happened


u/_I_like_Fire_ 26d ago

He told the time.


u/Critical_Tradition62 25d ago

I mean he did tell the clock.


u/knifeknifegoose 19d ago

Old school cute


u/biagwina_tecolotl 29d ago