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Announcement PSA: A guide to better results


Hi guys and gals. I've been here a while, and over my time I've seen a lot of posts sink to the bottom, without a single answer, or at best, very few. And none that solved the case.

I have noticed a clear pattern with these posts, and I will now share with you my tips to you newbies, so that you can get the help you need.

Firstly: When you make a new post, you will see this:



Estimated year of release:

Graphics/art style:

Notable characters:

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Other details:

Even though, in red, you are warned that while optional, you should follow this template... many of you do not.

Let me be clear: Follow this template.

Put simply, this template contains all the information we really need to solve your problem. Virtually every time I click a post that has not followed this, they have rambled on about nothings, while omitting critical details.

This format, for new and old alike, is very readable, and prompts for every data-point needed.

I know that you want to customize your message, that if you could just explain it, it would be better. I know you think that. You are wrong. Put all that in 'other'. Even if you end up saying it twice, follow the template.. add to it your story at the bottom.

Secondly: Following this template. You're rambling about your best mates Amiga-500 or whatever instead of telling us about the game aside, this is where they really go wrong.

Let's get something straight right now. We are not mind readers. It's impressive, really, how little information it seems we can work off. I mean, we solve some real tough ones with nothing sometimes, but still, we can't see that memory in your head. So you need to be as descriptive in every one of these fields as you can be...

And sometimes you really don't know. That's fine, we can work with surprisingly little information, but "old graphics" under art style... what are we supposed to do with that? Mate, I was playing on Atari-2600's, are we talking Wizard of Wor here?

Let me help you out a bit:

Platform(s): Whatever you played it on. But unless it's really all you know (very possible), don't write 'my mates pc'. Was it PC or Mac?


First person does NOT imply shooter. Nor do any of the others. Try to answer this one in two steps:

What was the camera like (assuming it's not a text adventure)? Was it First person?, 3rd person, 2d? Top down or side on? Or maybe even isometric 2d?

Then, what kind of game? Real time strategy, point and click? Was it a fighter, action or platformer?

Good, now we know what KIND of game we are all trying to remember for you.

Estimated year of release:

"Between 2000-2005" is fine, something like that. "Mid 90's maybe?". I don't see many people mess this up, but I have seen people write "old". That is not ok. If you write old and expect it to mean anything to me, I will fight you.

Also, as always "Sorry, no idea" is always acceptable but try to give at least something. "Couldn't have been later than 2015, though"

Great, so even if roughly, we know WHEN.

Graphics/art style:

THIS. This is where you guys always mess up. This section right here I have found can be the difference between an answer, and a silent slink to the bottom. This is your moment.

This, really, should be the best-formed part of your memory. Even if you can only remember a single frame, a single image, it's so much to go on for us.

DETAIL. Was it a gloomy grimdark world of sadness, or a bright bubbly rainbow filled Mario-world?

Was it cartoony, or otherwise stylized somehow, or was it trying to be realistic?

Anything notable about the art direction? Was it going for a cyberpunk kinda feel, or a gritty war realism dirt and blood sort of direction?

If it was set over a long time, did the seasons change? Was there a winter in your game?

Remember when you hit people, and the screen had that awesome flash and your hands got bloody? Yeah, well we don't, unless you tell us.

Ok, so now we are really narrowing it down. This right here is often enough to go on, on its own.

Notable characters:

Anything at all you can remember here.

"There were only tanks, but you could play as both Germans and Americans"

"There was one really tough guy right after you left your office, he had an eyepatch, a white shirt with what looked like grease stains, and said 'this is for my sister'. I think maybe he was a cyborg"

"You play as some kind of Asian girl, you had a tattoo over your right eye and arm, a black tank top and white pants and I remember you always had only one red glove for some reason. I don't remember the arm, but the eye tattoo looked sort of like ancient Egyptian eye makeup, but a modern take"

Knowing nothing else about the game, I bet that last one there gets comments noting the game she is from. Details, details.

Notable gameplay mechanics:

Surely, you get the idea by now. This is tied with the importance of the graphics/art style. As much detail as you can here.

Other details:

NOW you may blab on about how you only played this game once at a winter solstice in 1782 with your grandmother from Tahiti.. as if that helps.

Edit: So it's been brought up that the template doesn't appear on mobile. While /u/wipeout4wh is aware of this and hopefully, something can be done... still, if you can, use the template. If you can't, maybe check back and at least make sure your post addresses all of the points the template does.

Also, my post seems to be saying NOT to add any custom details. So I want to re-enforce, please do. In fact, after you do the template, feel free to write out your post as you were going to without it. Just put it all in 'other'. Don't try and make your whole post like that, if possible. Even if you end up saying the same things twice, that's ok.

Now I'm going to take a moment to clarify something, though. This isn't some immutable law of the universe, and your post is destined to fail if you don't do this. It's just a very strong general trend I have noticed over a long time.

It's not that this template has some kind of magical powers or something. It's that this template prompts the questions that need answers.

When you go all rogue on us and try and type your explanation from scratch... you mess it up. You just forget to add everything that you know, and that we need to know. The template makes it very hard to do that. It's just so very easy to get typing, and by the end forget to tell us what kind of game it actually is. Especially when you are getting random flashbacks, and hazy memories, and you start getting frazzled and such halfway though.

While it might make my edit as long as the first post, I think maybe an example of the kind of post that is just too common here, and almost always helpless, wouldn't go astray here. So here we go:

Now this one is a pretty bad case, true, and I suppose might even be a troll post, but it's actually a good illustration of the problem either way.

It was on my old computer and I was using an emulator so I have no idea what system it was for. It was 8bit graphics and you played this orange cat that was constantly bouncing on a trampoline I think? And you had to navigate it through the city and face a weird boss at the end that would float in the sky. Sorry I can't remember more!

Let's break it down a bit. What kind of game is this? A puzzler or an action game? Who knows.

How old is it? I mean, Minecraft basically has 8bit graphics. Oh he said... "my old computer"... I will fight you.

Why did you bounce on the trampoline? Were there platforms or walkways or something, or was it just a big open space? There are bad guys then? How did they get around?

Now (he?) says that he can't remember more, but I actually asked about the boss fight:

You say 'face a boss', in what way? Can the cat attack? Was this top down or side on? When you say navigate a city, what do you mean?

The reply:

Definitely a side-scroller, I'm sure. You would encounter a boss at the end, the boss would slide onto the screen and it was usually pretty strange-looking. I think one of the bosses might've been a clown. I meant that the different "levels" were different cities with different backgrounds, I think. It's a pretty obscure game

Also you would be continuously bouncing. As in, you had to position the trampoline underneath the cat to bounce it up

So you don't even control the cat. And it's a side-scroller. Thats pretty important information. But the real issue here is that he knows this stuff. He just either didn't know to, or forgot, to tell us.

The template would have made it just so apparent how much information he was missing, and we probably would have got a whole bunch more information. Sadly, while there were some guesses, and a surprising number of up-votes, this post is just another one to join the endless unsolved on their journey ever down.

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Announcement /r/tipofmyjoystick in data | Happy New Year!


Album of all graphs

Hello solvers, and Happy New Year! I have scraped all posts and comments ever made to /r/tipofmyjoystick using Pushshift and reddit's API, and have found some neat patterns.


  • Click the headings to see each graph.
  • For histograms, left endpoints are excluded (except for the first bin) and right endpoints are included.
  • Some histograms use logarithmic bins. I did this to show contrast among low values. A post having 0 comments is very different to a post having 3 comments, while posts with 20 and 23 comments aren't that different.
  • Due to an issue with Pushshift, there is no post data available from 2013. Graphs involving dates are from 2014 onwards due to the low number of posts in 2012.
  • Mod announcements and deleted/removed posts are excluded from the dataset.
  • Comments from Automod are excluded from the dataset.

Overall Statistics

Statistic Value
Total Posts 131295
Total Comments 699700
Overall Solved 57.5%
Overall NSFW 0.230%
Overall Following Format 24.6%

Following the Template

  • This is the "Platform(s): Genre: Estimated year of release:" template from Rule 7.
Solved Unsolved
Follows the Template 61.3% 38.7%
Doesn't Follow the Template 56.2% 43.8%
  • Using the template does make your post more likely to get solved.

Solved Percentage vs NSFW

Solved Unsolved
NSFW 63.2% 36.8%
SFW 57.5% 42.5%
  • NSFW posts are more likely to get solved.

Posts Over Time

  • As expected, there is a continual increase in the number of posts.
  • The sheer increase in January 2020 is likely due to the evil farming game gaining popularity.
  • Pushshift has some gaps in data in early 2021, causing the post count to be unusually low.

Solved and Unsolved Posts Over Time

  • This doesn't give any specifically new information, but I included it graph because I like how it looks.

Comments Over Time

  • There is unfortunately some missing data in 2017, 2018, and 2021.

Solved Percentage vs Date

  • There isn't too much variation in general.
  • There is a concerning slight downward trend in posts getting solved since 2017. This might be due to the increased volume of posts, meaning fewer get noticed.

Body Text Length

  • Mean: 717.5
  • Median: 589
  • Standard deviation: 539.0
  • The length peaks around 500 characters and decreases from there.

Solved Percentage vs Length

  • There is a very slight effect where adding more information makes your post more likely to be solved.
  • This trend continues until about 1000 characters, where it plateaus.
  • Longer posts are irregular due to a lack of data for each bin.


  • Mean: 4.57
  • Median: 3
  • Standard deviation: 11.46
  • Most posts get under 10 points.

Score: SFW vs NSFW

  • NSFW posts are more likely to get high numbers of upvotes (>10), but are also downvoted more frequently.

Solved Percentage vs Score

  • Interestingly, posts that have been downvoted are more likely to be solved. Perhaps because downvoting means someone noticed that post?
  • Getting even a single upvote makes your post much more likely to be solved. The difference between 1 and 2 points is huge.
  • Generally, a higher score means your post is more likely to be solved. If your post can get out of new, there are a lot more people looking.

Number of Comments on a Post

  • Mean: 4.91
  • Median: 4
  • Standard deviation: 4.81
  • The spike at 5-6 is likely due to the following pattern comments on a post often take:
    • 1 comment from a solver
    • 1 comment form the OP thanking the solver
    • 1 comment from Automod reminding the OP to mark the post as solved
    • 1 comment from the OP marking the post as solved
    • 1 comment from Automod confirming the post has been marked as solved

Solved Percentage vs Number of Comments

  • Predictably, getting some comments means your post is likely to get solved.
  • The 1 comment posts were likely 1 solver getting ignored by the OP.
  • Worryingly, the solved percentage goes down after 6 comments. It might be that the OP gets drowned in suggestions.

Most Prolific Commenters

Most Popular Described Decades

  • This comes from the [PLATFORM][YEAR] TITLE OF POST title format.

Solved Percentage vs Described Decade

  • There isn't too much variation.
  • Very recent games are likely to get solved and very old games aren't.

Most Popular Platforms

  • These are extracted from the title format.
  • I tried to include most large-ish game platforms.
  • PC is the most popular by a landslide.
  • Some tags such as "PlayStation" and "Xbox" are lumped tags, combining multiple platforms.

Console Wars

  • PlayStation takes the lead, with SEGA in a very respectable 4th place.

Solved Percentage vs Platforms

  • This excludes platforms appearing in a total of 10 or fewer posts.
  • (Newer) PlayStations are in the lead here as well.
  • Mobile games are near the bottom.

Most Popular Games

  • Without further ado: The most memorable game with the most forgettable title is Fate.
  • These are all fairly unsurprising. I've solved several posts with these.


If you want the dataset or the code used to analyze this, I've made another post on my profile.

Code, dataset, and more of an explanation

I hope this was interesting. Happy solving, and Happy New Year!

r/tipofmyjoystick 7h ago

[PLATFORM: PC (I think)] [ESTIMATED YEAR: around 2015] Photorealistic point and click horror/psychological horror game where your girlfriend and your dog merge into an eldritch being and kill you


Hey there, I saw a playthrough of this game on Youtube years ago and don't have much info about it, but I really want to know what game this is.

Important info: it was a first person 2D game. It took place in the main character's house (not a creepy one at that btw, just a normal house). We start the game in MC's bedroom, and something motivates us to get up from our bed and go look for something (I REALLY don't remember what exactly motivated us or what we were looking for, but there's two possibilities: 1. MC's dog suddenly goes missing and we have to go look for it inside our house; or 2. We receive a text message from someone telling us to look for something). I think that from the start, the game already tells the player that MC's girlfriend is missing, either that or we get that information later on. I'm pretty sure that to move from room to room in the game, there are two arrows on the left and right sides of the screen. Once you do something specific, the game takes a dark turn and MC's house gets all bloody and some weird, big, very bloody and dirty vents appear on the walls and floor, where they didn't use to be. Once we go to a certain room (I think it was the bathroom?) we find a really creepy and off-putting monster who is actually MC's dog and girlfriend merged together. It jumpscares us, charging at us and killing us. I think there was only 1 ending, but I'm not sure.

Genre: point and click, horror/psychological horror

Artstyle: every single object/room/character wasn't drawn, instead everything was an actual photo/photoshopped image

Characters: pretty sure there are only 3 characters, and these are the main character, their dog and their girlfriend. The game doesn't give us any important info for any of these, the only thing I remember is that MC is probably male but I'm not 100% sure

Title: I have literally ZERO idea what the title could be, but here are some guesses: The Dog Woman; Dog Woman; The Dog Girl; Dog Girl (Again, these are all shots in the dark, the title could be something completely different)

That's all there is. Sorry if I misspelled anything and thanks for reading

r/tipofmyjoystick 32m ago

[NINTENDO DS] [2009] Disney Character Hangout Game??


Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: First Person… kind of like a pet simulator?

Estimated Time of Release: Probably around 2005-2007, maybe later.

Graphics/Art Style: Very polygonal as most Disney DS games were, but accurate to their sources.

Detail: The atmosphere of the game was both homey and comforting, yet a bit stressful as you had to juggle taking care of/hanging out with each of the Disney characters. Often you were short to the floor.

Notable Characters: Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Simba from The Lion King, the alien from Toy Story, and Winnie the Pooh are the main ones I remember.

Notable Gameplay Mechanics: As previously stated, taking care of the Disney characters. Gave them food that had to do with the movies and I think you also played games with them? I really remember feeding them a lot and they just got closer to you in an emotional sense.

Other details: None that come to mind! I played it as a child way back in like 2010 maybe.

r/tipofmyjoystick 2h ago

Conflict: Denied Ops [PS3][2008-2012] Shooter game with a heavy gunner and a marksman


The game was playable in coop iirc. You could either play as a black guy who used heavy guns or a white guy with snipers. On the cover of the game both of them are visible with a beige colored background. It was first person but could also have been third person I don't remember exactly. It was a typical shooter game like Cod

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

[PC][2010’s] Game about a family in a bunker/shelter


I’m gonna preface this with saying, I very vaguely remember any details of this. It came to mind when my boyfriend and I were playing Fallout together.

It was a 2D ‘apocalypse’-style game about a family during a nuclear explosion or a hurricane or something. The art style was very simple, if I remember correctly. Like, a mix of Futurama and those low budget 2D indie games (at least that’s how I remember it).

It might have come out around 2015, but I’m not sure.

I specifically remember tins of Spaghetti-O’s and food running out. I think you played as the dad (?) and you had a son, a daughter and a wife.

That’s really all that I remember, it might have been a PC or a web based game.

r/tipofmyjoystick 2h ago

The Aethra Chronicles [PC][1990s]Party-Based RPG from AOL


Platform(s): PC

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Estimated year of release: late 90's

Graphics/art style: Sprite-based, bright colored

Notable characters: N/A (Had standard fantasy character choices)

Notable gameplay mechanics: Top-down tile/grid based movement, openworld like setting, Eye of the Beholder combat.

Other details: Like the post of the guy I'm copying this from, my memories of this game are very foggy. I know it was a game I got off of AOL since I was addicted to AOL and I think I remember it being a demo. You started the game by building a party, and then you start off inside a town. You can walk around, talk to NPCs, buy/sell things, and get murdered by monsters. You walked around in a way similar to Realmz, but the combat was more like Eye of the Beholder. I also remember buying things like cloaks, boots, and robes and having no idea what they were for. I remember the map having a lot of forests.

Games I know of that it is not: Enchantasy, Realmz

r/tipofmyjoystick 1h ago

The Blue Beanie [PC][2000s] Point and click browser game about a creature (?) who travels through forest to find it's lost hat (?)


I remember a game like this like it was my fever dream but I swear it's real and I want to find it because for some reason I liked the game as a kid but I couldn't read so I didn't know the title it was just there on some kind of game website that's probably lost to time right now.

Game started showing that creatures home and what I believe were some of its clothes drying in the wind (?), when suddenly small gust of wind blews a hat (or something simmilar) away and then that creature goes to a journey throught the forest to find it, the player controlled the creature the game didn't have fighting, or gathering, dialogue or anything, you just clicked stuff to do other stuff and progress through the game. Only things I remember are:

  1. you were in an elevator that was inside a tree I believe there was a snail shell and you had to click something to make elevator work so you could go up.

  2. At the very end of the game you see that hat you lost but it's laying in a nest of a bowerbird as a decoration and you need to do something in order to distract the bird (?), swap the hat with other decoration (?)

Graphics of that game, I don't exactly remember but they resembled realistic forest, kinda almost like photos? but not quite ? It wasn't 3D, it was 2D. BUT don't trust me on this one im not sure.

I don't remember this game at all, just some kind of random images in my head ,but I know it exists, it wasn't particularly interesting or anything but if you know anything I'm grateful.

r/tipofmyjoystick 9h ago

[Likely Console][Around the 2010s][Action/FPS] Game I played and the supposed "big ending" was intentionally disappointing (Thought it was Borderlands 1 but that ended with a squid monster apparently?)


Platform(s): Likely PS 3 or 4, if not XBOX360 (or XBONE)

Genre: Action/First Person Shooter

Estimated year of release: Between 2008 and 2014

Graphics/art style: In my head, it's Borderlands style

Notable characters: Dog that comes out of a vault or something? See other details section

Notable gameplay mechanics: I'm pretty sure it was FPS

Other details:
I tried Google and I can tell you it was not Fallout as I've never played the series (I was pov for a lot of my life and never got around to it.) and I haven't finished many games in my life for attention span reasons. I googled "Videogames with Anti-climactic endings" but nothing is ringing a bell.

My fiance and I are watching Final Space season 3.

Me: Hmm, I don't think there's many episodes left but this is the final season.

Her: Yeah, so it will probably end on a cliffhanger since they cancelled season 4.

Me: Nah, they'll probably just do a Borderlands.

Her: What? They'll end it with a giant squid monster?

Me: Nah, like how for the whole game they were like "OOoooOOOOOOOoooOoOooo go to the vault and get riches but it's protected by lots of thinggggssss, or whatever. Then when you finally get to the end there's a dog inside... or a monster... or something... and you one-shot it and it's super anti-climactic. I remember, because I thought "Pffft, that is so Borderlands" when I played it."

Her: Uh? No? Borderlands finished with a giant squid monster and you definitely have to fight it and can't one shot it.

She then opened up the old Youtube... Well, staple my dick shut and call me Squirtle there's an entire boss battle that isn't super easy. It's nothing like I remember.

My remembering of whatever game this is is that the whole time you're searching for a vault, or treasure, or something like that. You get to the end and assume there's going to be some huge battle (I think it's in the desert... dessert? the non-delicious, sandy one.) Then when you get there, either a dog jumps out, it's empty, or there is a monster but you shoot it one time and it's done. The "feel" of the game was very much "It doesn't take itself too seriously". Then the credits roll.

I've only played one Borderlands game as far as I recall, and if it helps: I only know of Handsome Jack from memes and stuff - I don't think I've played a game with him in it? Or if I did it was DLC. I think Moxie or Moxy or whatever the hot clown girl was had DLC come out that I played around the time I played whatever game this was.

I feel like I'm going insane. Please, tip of my joystick do your thing, you fetching gang of reverse-jocks.

r/tipofmyjoystick 2h ago



Important info: . A couple years back I remember seeing game trailer for some FPS game. It was super trippy and had the feel of Bio Shock / GOW / Wolfenstein. I remember it was a really cool looking game. Like another reality was spilling over. It felt very psychedelic and I remember the trailer had a train/forest . Can someone tell me the name of this game!Genre:

Artstyle: bioshock and Wolfenstein looking graphics. very trippy.

Characters: just remember it being a FPS

Title: zero idea here

r/tipofmyjoystick 14h ago

[PC][2000-2010] Point and click advanture with a lot of charm. I don't remember that much but I hope you can help me out!


I want to replay a game I always remember in my head but I can't find it. I search Google so often that I got the idea ask people who might know the name of that particular game. I will describe it as much as I remember...

Is a point and click type adventure game but you can control your character kinda or click with your mouse. You have items what you collect and you later use them. The game asks from you a lot of thinking specifically for a child. Is about friendship I remember the story being extremely emotional and sad near the end and happy... You are a child and you play with your friends in a playground. You collect items how I said and you help them out or something you make a lot of backtracking (what I don't mind honestly if the game is good). You have a big city and a small nature type of area where the playground is. You are mostly in the city though. You can talk to certain characters and progress the story obviously. If I remember correctly you can also fuse 2 items into 1 what is needed to progress the game. I think I got the game from a PC GAMER DVD disc. You know those old discs with free full games and free demo versions. I think the DVD I had was something between the years of 2004-2008 but I can be wrong... Don't take those years as facts for the age of the game I want to find out. The art style is not childish but also not realistic the camera is a bird camera. I also remember the game having a kiosk shop an actual road... I don't remember that much.

EDIT: I remembered now that early in game there was a dog I think (or a animal in general) what would block your progress your path. You would need an item (think logically) to solve that problem and progress in game.

Please if anybody has an idea what game I mean write it down. This is a game I definitely would like to replay specifically now after I forgot 70-80% of the game overall.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

7 Days a Skeptic [PC][1990-2010] Point & Click adventure game on a space ship.


I remember this point & click adventure game where someone was hunting you on the space ship. I believe all the crew members were dead and you had to survive, but the person or monster or whatever it was kept chasing you. It was a simple point & click adventure game with 2D pixel art. I remember you could go outside your ship and do stuff as well. I remember a lot of black and white (white ship/suit and black space of course).

Any help would be appreciated!

r/tipofmyjoystick 16h ago

Adiboo: Magical Playland [PC][Early 2000s] Children's point and click game. Had multiple discs to it, and iirc the art style was pretty bubbly. I remember some kid and his house, and maybe a car?


Platform(s): Windows Genre: Point and click Estimated year of release: Late 90s-early 2000s Graphics/art style: Childish. Round, i think? Notable characters: Sadly if I remembered the main character's name I'd probably know by now Notable gameplay mechanics: Point and click, minigames Other details: There were multiple discs to this. Main character was some kid. I think part of it took place at his house? It's super fuzzy but I used to play it CONSTANTLY and this is killing me

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[Mobile] [like around the 2010s] Fantasy deck building game, kinda like pokemon


(sorry if my English is shit it ain't my first language) First of all I played this game at like 2010 somewhere in that time on an ipad

It was a deckbuildong card game where you catch these weird creatures with cards, basically like the same mechanics of pokemon, get their health low enough you can catch them, they also have a master ball which was a gold card

There was a mechanic where you could mix cards to get fusions, there was one card that i remember called Dire wolf (I think)

I only remember the 2 first maps, a normal type island and a another with a castle and a sand biome

You go places by choosing places and points on the map, dialogue was delivered through a sort of visual novel type thing

The cards themselves looked quite similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, some having the same color scheme

There was another mechanic with like fuckin totems or something, they were technically still cards but not in the same sense

And i swear i remember microtransactions

It also had some rpg feel to it

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

Blackthorne [PC][1996-1998] Old platformer with shootouts


Platformer with underground levels and sci-fi-ish setting - elevators, energy weapons. Character can shoot, on up button character leaned to wall, avoiding projectiles. Enemies can do that too, as result fights were shootouts with trying to catch enemy undefended. Character has access to limited number of bombs allowing to clear obstacles or kill enemies faster. One of bombs was given by prisoner, chained to the wall. There was bigger enemy with whip.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

[Pc] [Around 2010] flash point and click game with the same sound effects and style as bowja the ninja but with gore


The game has the same graphic style and sounds as bowja and other pencilkid games, but I remember it being more gory and difficult. I also remember there being a grinder or something similar at one point.

I don't have any more memories of this, but I know I played it on my computer when I was around 10.

r/tipofmyjoystick 3h ago

CastleMiner Z [XBOX 360] [2010] You play as your Xbox Avatar, traverse a landscape and fight dragons or other enemies to reach some ultimate objective at the end of the run


I remember thinking the idea was so weird but also neat, a very atypical game. Maybe from between 2010 and 2014 or so. It might not even be for Xbox but I'm pretty sure you played as your Avatars. I remember there being a dragon and as mentioned it was a long linear game where you got farther and farther to beat the boss at the end or something like that.

I also seem to think the landscapes reminded me of Minecraft, maybe even being blocky like that.


It's definitely Castle Miner Z though when I first saw it pop up in searching I disregarded because I saw lots of mining and building whereas my memories were only with the Endurance game-mode and whereby the player can continue further and further in the world which constantly changes, as well as their being a boss dragon.

r/tipofmyjoystick 24m ago

[PC, Flash I think] [mid to late 2000s] A point and click fashion game where you dressed up models in the backstage


Hi I'm looking for an old game me and my mom used to play when I was little. It was a 2D point and click game with bird-eye view of a backstage room with different stations. I think those included make-up, hairdresser, nails, clothing machine that picked different dress colors, a coffee machine that kept the models happy and a shower.

I might be forgetting some of them but anyway after you did everything the model asked, you'd put them through the runway door and start working on the next one. Kinda like that penguin diner game except with models with more demands. The level would end after all the models had been taken care of and you'd move to the next one with possibly even more stations and the pace of the models progressively gets faster and faster.

The style of the game was very simple, they were just small slim sprites of models, can't remember exactly but it wasn't pixel-y like rpg games but more smooth and colored with 2D graphics. Very simple and kinda cute. the models weren't very detailed (I think) You could make out a small face, their body/dress/hair colours and that was about it. They weren't too animated either. The room itself I think changed colors depending on the level from pink to yellow, green and blue. The models would also make some sassy noises if they were unhappy I think, it's been a very long time :,) The bgm was also just a loop of some fashion-y type of music but I've completely forgotten what it sounded like.

I vaguely recall it being on king dot com at some point when they still had fun minigames but it must've gotten deleted at some point. might've been even before flash went down. Newgrounds has it's own player that allows you to play flash games so I was wondering if same could be done with this one if I could just remember the name..

Hopefully I'm not the only one who remembers this. I've checked out every old flashgame site I used to frequent as a kid but none of them seem to have it and google's not doing much either. I can't remember for sure but I think the name was like backstage or fashion model or something along those lines.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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[mobile, android] [2018-2020?] a pixel idle game where you play as a cleric helping a knight.


I remember this game a couple of months ago and I can’t seem to find anywhere. In short, it’s like any normal idle game where you wait awhile for resources to build up that you use to level up the different stats and abilities.

In the game you play as a cleric aiding the knight as he slays monsters and dragons and all that. The dialogue was pretty funny with the two reluctant to work together in the beginning of the quest and being pretty self aware of the games mechanics.

Every now and again you would have special encounters or events when in the game (I don’t really remember what happens other than meeting a few characters). You could also obtained costumes for both the knight and cleric. They were purely cosmetic if I remember correctly.

I remember having a lot of fun playing this and would really appreciate it if someone had any idea where I could find it or even just the name.

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[Genre: I wouldnt necessary call it survival horror, maybe psychological horror] [2004] [Graphics/art style: Totally Spis/ Winx meets Silent hills] [1 Notable characters: The girl] [Notable gameplay mechanics: 3rd pers]


A 3rd person game with the protagonist being a girl who tries to find her boyfriend (or someone who obviously disappeared randomly) in this futuristic-looking town, I would compare it to what I remember of one episode from Totally Spys called Futurestock (sez 4/ ep 2), or very similar to this kind of pretty, colorful feminine design that represents youth and girlhood.

I think she talks to some people and eventually goes back to her apartment (probably irrelevant but the hallway was yellow with windows as I remember it) as she enters we need to search for a weird pet in the wardrobe (I can only compare it to Furbys, but wider) which I think speaks and works as a phone too, because she somehow finds out that she needs to go in another town to search for her (whoever person she lost, probably boyfriend).

Now this next town looked incredible, was dystopian looking in contrast with the first one: dark and it was only night as you play through it, and those are the things I remember from this part:

- there were some homeless looking (trying not to assume their social status) individuals warming at a barrel with a fire inside it

-the main walkthrough was in a block neighborhood

- at some point, after you got some clues, you can enter through a window inside a big storage room (similar to the underground halls of Cry of Fear or Outlast hospital halls, but only dark yellow and pretty narrow, I dont remember a lot of blood splattered everywhere), and at the end of those labyrinthic halls, there was a barb wire fence and inside was an object that you needed (or a person, I am not sure)

- as you leave the storage, and go outside, next to it was an odd-looking house with a lock (or smth similar) on the door, preventing you from entering. Inside the garden of this house was this dog that would bite you until you die as you try to open the door (with whatever the player got to pick from the storage)

This is all I can recall. I was very young when I was shown this game by a seminar student who worked with my father. It must be around 2005 - 2008 in the summer when he came and we played together, I highly doubt it was after because of the circumstance of where I played it.

So the game was released before 2007, I would say it had a cartoonish style, even going as far as to assume it was Asian looking, with English dubbing, I am not sure because as you may already assume, English is not my first language. I do tend to believe it was European, more Russian.

to summerise it:

  • before 2008
  • 3rd person mechanics
  • played on PC with CD
  • Girl searches for someone
  • 2 cities with a completely different atmosphere
  • scene: a dog in a garden protecting a house with a locked door

Not sure if this was the right subreddit to post it as I found it on youtube, in Nexpo's channel.

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[PC][2000's] 2D ARCADE


hey everyone.. so there is this game ive been trying to play again since 2007 mybe idk... its a 2d game about a red drilling truck in a 2d small squared map ( pretty much like motherload) i cant seem to find it anywhere to matter how much i try to get closer to the name ...

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[PC][2000s] Freeware shooter


A freeware online shooter game with a red and blue teams (the character clothing was of the respected colors) and vehicles you could drive around big maps so it's possibly inspired by Halo. It had big teams of maybe 16 players per side and there were possibly multiple game modes such as capture the flag and team deathmatch. The weapons were made after real guns as far as I remember.

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[PC][Early 2000s] Airplane shooting game that can move up and down using arrow keys


The only thing I can remember was that I'm playing a Jet fighter vs a naked big brain final boss.

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[PS][90s-early 2000s] Multiplayer game, play as girls fighting animatronic bears(?) in the sky


Platform(s): PS (very slim chance it is PS2)

Genre: Unsure, but more than likely a Japanese game

Estimated year of release: Best guess is late 90s

Graphics/art style: Classic Japanese look (I think), dark, outdoor sky setting (the part I recall)

Notable characters: All women, or mostly all women cast of playable characters

Notable gameplay mechanics: Multiplayer, play as women fighting animatronic creatures in the sky. Viewpoint may or may not have been aerial.

Other details: Possibly on a demo cd. Sorry. I can’t really recall much.

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[PC] [2007-2016] Car game on shockwave


Aight so, there was this game on Shockwave.com where you could (if I'm not wrong) just drive around with your car, you start at some sort of big open garage where you can fix and paint your car and then you can go out and do stuff like do a race or just drive across the city I'm pretty sure this game had a sequel which was a bit unrelated tho where you drive a car across the highway and try to escape from the police I searched the website and didn't find it soo yeahh, would be great if someone here knows it Thanks in advance!

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[pc] [2000's] space game / aliens


I remember back around 2008-2009 I used to have this game on my computer, I don't remember much of it but I remember that it was a 2d game with many spaceships to click on or something. I remember that there was a weird looking alien with a huge smirk and making silly noises and another short alien with a long finger, I guess he was supposed to be a teacher or something. There was also a picture of a purple planet with building just like in sci-fi movies. I was 5 back when I played it so I can't remember how the game's mechanics were or what it was about, I searched everywhere but I still can't find a trace of it, I'd really appreciate your help.

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[PC/Browser][200X] An old browser game about being a wizard and alchemist


Platform(s): PC (Browser)

Genre: Text-based RPG

Estimated year of release: Early 2000's

Graphics/art style: Mostly text, with a few icons. I vaguely remember a top-down or isometric map that would show up sometimes. It basically looked like one of those ancient Geocities sites.

Notable characters:

Notable gameplay mechanics: By playing the game, you level up and learn new spells/rituals, and have some kind of resource to cast them; either gems or reagents, though I'm not sure which.

Other details: I remember that the player's home "base" was called an "atelier". This specifically stuck with me because when I was a kid, I didn't know what the word meant or how to pronounce it. Now when I try to find this game, the only result I get is a mobile game called Atelier Online.