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r/tipofmytongue 14h ago

Solved [TOMT][word] Journalism: the word for leaving out verbs in sentences



  • Police [are] searching for the suspect
  • Drivers [are] baffled about the new traffic signage
  • Congress [is] debating a tax holiday
  • Suspect [is] seen on camera defacing campaign signs

about 15 years ago (was when I first noticed) reporters started talking like this, leaving out the words above that I put in [ ] . I'm not really sure about newspapers, because headlines are always limited by space. But maybe the same term applies to them too.

Honestly I don't even know if there's a word for this. Personally I dont like it, but I need to know what it's called first so I can research it more. Thanks in advance if you know!

r/tipofmytongue 9h ago

Open [TOMT] Possibly 80s/90s movie


Me and my Roomate have spent the last hour trying to find this actor. He is a white male actor. He is conventionally attractive, tan, nice smile, brown hair with flow. He gives me David Hassellhoff and Dennis Quaid vibes. All I can see in my head is him in a stance with his hands relaxed on his hips in like a button up denim top with the sleeves rolled up. The movie is a lighthearted film like a comedy or a romcom? I remember him being kind of a douche?

r/tipofmytongue 7h ago

Solved [TOMT][SONG] Incredibly popular song that I am just completely blanking on, forgot lyrics, 80s?


The only part I remember is apart of the chorus, vaguely Pharrell Williams or Michael Jackson higher pitched-like. Very fast paced, something like synth or tin drums?

SoundCloud link for the lazy


im a doof and didnt see the online sequencer. the previous edit had me particularly typing every note and time out like a loon.


I am refraining from humming it out, but I bet if I do one of y'all would be able to get it.

EDIT EDIT : mkay screw it


Sorry for the overabundance of detail this has been stuck in my head for hours and I need to find it

Final edit :

I am a clown. Hell, I'm the entire circus.

But the earworm has been satisfied and I honestly need to figure out why I thought "Chris Brown and Pitbull - Fun" was 80's

r/tipofmytongue 19h ago

Open [TOMT] [YOUTUBE VIDEO] country singers saying "Well" accompanied by pictures of whales


This video was a compilation of different audio clips of country singers singing "well" (in the southern drawl it sounds like waaaayle) and each one had a different picture of a whale. I've tried every combination of "whale" "country singers whale" "country singing whale" on YouTube and it hasn't come up.

r/tipofmytongue 5h ago

Solved [TOMT] [MOVIE] [1990s?] Man falls partway out the window of a sky scraper. His pants get caught on something and are the only thing keeping him from falling to his death. The seams start to rip. He has a flashback to when he went to a tailor that offered him double stitching on the pants.


r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE]Children being kept in a facility or orphanage near the sea, turns out they are hybrids or creatures from the ocean?


I remember reading about this movie and now can't find it. I think it's set in an orphanage or laboratory/facility near the sea, or it could be a small community. The children have a mysterious connection to the ocean, I think it turns out something like they are hybrids of humans and something from the sea, or they are actually ocean creatures found as eggs/babies by the humans?

Possibly the place they are being housed and cared for (orphanage/town/facility/whatever) looks on the surface to just be a home for them but they are secretly being studied?

I think there's something about the children leaving at night to go to the sea and returning by morning? Or something happens at night, maybe the adults go out looking for more eggs or more clues?

I know this is pretty vague, I hope someone knows what I'm on about!

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][Song/band] A band with a lead singer who looks very similar to the lead singer of HIM


Bit hard to explain, but I heard a song on youtube, and the comments were saying the singer looked or was trying to be just like the singer of the band HIM. I don't know any lyrics or other details other than that. Maybe anyone else can figure out what I'm talking about based on that description?

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT][Movie][2000s?] Movie where man is having sex with women on a list while a women kills everyone she sleeps with and the two meet


r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][PHOTOGRAPH][1070s?] Looking for a black and white picture of a couple (m/f) kissing on a train.


The picture is taken by a famous photographer, since I remember it from my history of photography class. It's Cindy Sherman style, very casual, almost like a candid. The couple is sitting on their seat, with their faces turned to each other and kissing. You can see almost all of their bodies. I can see it entirely in my head, but I'm not able to find it anywhere online. I don't know the exact period when it was taken, but judging by the clothes and train, it must be somewhere between 1960 and 1980.

Edit: probably taken in the US or Europe since both people in it are white.

Edit2: the title is clearly wrong, it must've said 1970s.

r/tipofmytongue 8h ago

Solved [TOMT][MOVIE][2010s] Movie about a babysitter with a scary deformed face who comes to babysit kids who are afraid of her


This is a movie we watched way back in grade 3 to 4ish, and the thing is we never actually got to finish it. All I remember vaguely is a family who hire a babysitter to come babysit their daughter and son, and the kids are talking about how they heard of a rumor about how the babysitters face is all deformed and scary. Then, when the scene where babysitter arrives actually comes, it plays suspensful music as the dad slowly goes to open the door as you see the silloullete of the babysitter outside the door. But right as the dad was about to open the door, the lights in our school building went out, shutting off the tv playing the movie and causing us to have to go outside for recess. All these years later, that goddamn movie has never left my mind. Sometimes, i even lie awake in bed, wondering what that womans face looked like.

r/tipofmytongue 1h ago

Solved [TOMT][SONG] Very well known whistle melody.


If you watch DragonBall Z Abridged MOVIE: Lord Slug - TeamFourStar (TFS), at 17:58 Son Gohan whistles it:


No idea what it's called. I googled for about an hour and then gave up.

r/tipofmytongue 6h ago

Open [TOMT] Movie I’m desperate to find…


Dude with a pistol is checking out an abandoned building. There’s like tarps and trash and jars filled with some substance. He goes in one room and sees a red haired (kind of punk rocker) topless woman who looks like she’s overdosing. He walks past her at first (she may have had a dude with her that ran off) I can’t remember the full story but I remember he goes back in that room and she was still there still topless, now foaming at the mouth when he looks at her and looks away. It haunts me and I would like to know the name. The sheer amount of appreciation I would have if someone gave me the right answer…

r/tipofmytongue 13h ago

Open [TOMT][TV SHOW][1950s-1970??] Help me find a clip of the time(s) my Great-Grandfather was on the Ed Sullivan Show


My Great-Grandfather was on the Ed Sullivan show at least 2 times, and I thought maybe you guys could help me find the clip of it, since he is no longer with us, and his house with the tape burned down. Here is what I know about it:

  • He could have gone as either Bob Goodman or Robert Goodman
  • He painted/drew art for a segment of the show, before rotating the painting to show a completely different piece of art
  • He was on at least twice
  • I’m not quite sure when he was on, but my best guess is 50s or 60s

Even any tips on who to contact would help.

I would love to find this, CBS didn’t respond when I emailed them, and I might email a New York TV Show Archive next. Any help is appreciated!

r/tipofmytongue 12h ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE] Help me find actor look alike


My husband and I are trying to figure out what actor this guy looks like. We think he looks like a mix of Justin Bieber and someone else, but we can’t recall the name or movie they are in. (The guy pictured is from the show Alone)


r/tipofmytongue 4h ago

Solved [TOMT]90s R&B ballad, with piano sample, hope it helps


A slow 90s R&B ballad has become an an earworm :) For the lfe of me I can't remember which artist or a songname.

Let me play a bit of piano for you.


r/tipofmytongue 7h ago

Open [TOMT] need help finding weird movie


The movie is based on some classic book about a guy who sees weird creatures but no one else can see them. He kind of ignores them and they're very weird looking, each of them looking unique. The creatures are weirdly sexual as well. Very strange movie/book and I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. All the creatures look like combinations of human body parts and make weird noises.

r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Solved [TOMT][MOVIE] Seemed like a rom-com type movie. Remembered the guy sitting behind the desk calling a girl his "exes" name. He is told that's not her name, and he says he knows, but now she thinks he dated a girl that looked similar to her.


r/tipofmytongue 2h ago

Open [TOMT][MOVIE][1980s] A post apocalyptic anime movie where they all die in the end


So this was a 'kids' anime back in the 90s, i had it on VHS.

From what I remember, it was a post apocalyptic landscape with brother and sister protagonists, the girl wearing a yellow jumpsuit riding a sort of hover scooter. There was also a cigar smoking black dude who piloted a ship to help then. There 'quest' was to follow this glowing sword whilst being perused by various robots.

In the end, the boy captures the sword. Then the world ends. They die and are left floating in white space.

Really, really odd and probably not suitable for kids.

r/tipofmytongue 4m ago

Open [TOMT] movie or tv show where mob boss randomly has a pair of professional salsa dancers in his entourage


it is wholly unrelated to plot and very surreal

r/tipofmytongue 7m ago

Open [TOMT] [Movie] Math teacher on o quest to discover family past


there is a movie I remember

it's about a woman who is math teacher or something like that

who is going to some village looking for answers about her family

i think it was about her mothers past

i remember there were hard conditions and lots of violence in that movie

it was drama

r/tipofmytongue 15m ago

Open [TOMT] [Youtube] [2016?] I'm looking for the name of a youtube channel


It was a let's play channel and I'm pretty sure they did some GTA stuff. It was really funny and it was a group of young guys making the videos. Kinda gave off rooster teeth vibes. They also stopped posting videos because they all kinda split up ig. I remember there being something about a cow in the name of their channel. If I heard it I'd know if it was the channel.

r/tipofmytongue 20m ago

Open [TOMT][Song]What song is this from?



I found this video in one of my 3am random youtube binge and it sounds so familiar and catchy cant remember if its from undertale or some other youtube poop

r/tipofmytongue 6h ago

Solved [TOMT][GAME] Sheep puzzle game


I remember playing this on my old Xbox 360. You controlled a UFO and you had to herd sheep and make them breed, and I think the objective was to get the population to a certain amount. You could pick up stuff using the UFO beams. I remember the female sheep being pink. I remember the levels being like a tiny piece of land and it looked kind of fake like the grass was just green sheets of paper patched together. I also remember there being a level creator/sandbox mode.

r/tipofmytongue 45m ago

Open [TOMT][TV SHOW][80s?]Creepy version of hymn


Hi there,

Just this random thought of a UK TV show intro/outro with a female whispering 'All Things Bright & Beautiful', with minimal/no music.

Can anyone tell me what show this might be?