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Help Simple Questions and Help Thread - Week of May 15, 2022


Welcome to the Simple Questions thread, for questions that don't need their own thread, or to stand in for "Help" submissions. We still recommend you use the search, FAQ/Wiki on the sidebar, or even a Bing search before asking. Also please post general tech support related questions on /r/techsupport. Be sure to check out our new help subreddit, /r/WindowsHelp

Some examples of questions to ask:

  • Is this super cheap Windows key legitimate? (probably not)

  • How can I install Windows 11?

  • Can you recommend a program to play music?

  • How do I get back to the old Sound Control Panel?

Sorting by New is recommend and is the default.

Be sure to check out the Windows 11 Launch Megathread and also the Windows 11 FAQ posts, it likely has the answers to your Windows 11 questions already!

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Feature Search Highlights – New graphic/icon in your search bar


Microsoft recently introduced a new feature on Windows 10 and 11 called Search Highlights. The Search Highlights show things like trending searches and other events going on such as holidays and sporting events. On Windows 10 this is more noticeable as if you have the search bar enabled, it will now have an icon at the end.

Windows 10 Search Bar - https://i.imgur.com/cI9FhuO.png

Windows 11 Search Menu - https://i.imgur.com/pYcNw6I.png

The Windows 10 Search Menu looks similar to the Windows 11 one.

If you do not want this new feature, it is easy for you to disable.

• On Windows 11, open the Settings App. From there select Privacy & Security, then Search Permissions. Under the More Settings section will be a toggle for Show Search Highlights, simply toggle that off.

• On Windows 10, right click or long press on your search bar, then pick Search, then uncheck Show Search Highlights. Done!

More advanced users can also use the Registry to disable it.

The key is located at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearchSettings and you should see “IsDynamicSearchBoxEnabled”. If not, right click or long press in here and create a new 32 bit DWORD value and name it IsDynamicSearchBoxEnabled and for the value we will set it to 0 to disable, or 1 to enable.

You can run this from the Command Prompt as administrator to disable the feature:

reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearchSettings" /v "IsDynamicSearchBoxEnabled" /d 0 /t REG_DWORD /f

If you change the /d 0 to /d 1 it will re-enable it.

Here is what the search menu looks like once disabled: https://i.imgur.com/wILIk9G.png

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App are there any lightweight screen recorder with instant replay features


So I've already tried obs, game bar, medal and outplayed but they cause my game to lag (with game bar it makes the cpu lag hard occasionally). Any alternatives for screen recorders with instant replay?

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Discussion Why the hell do people hate Windows 11 so much?


Personally, Required Microsoft accounts and system requirements are not an issue for me. I know windows 11 didn’t need to exist but good on Microsoft for lettign Windows 10 users allow them to switch to 11 for free. I have been loving 11 since I first switched to it. Personally liked it more than 10.

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Discussion Bill Gates is holding an AMA!


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Discussion Here I am, trying to recreate Windows 7's themes and default colours perfectly in Windows 10...then I get this bullcrap.

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Discussion what is the lightweight less processor demanding office alternative ?


what is the lightweight less processor demanding office alternative ?

and which use less power onlyoffice or wps ?

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Discussion I just thought this looked so peaceful so I wanted to share it here.

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News Apple Releases iTunes 12.12.4 for Windows With Security Updates

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Update Windows 11: Is It Worth the Upgrade? - The Interlude

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Discussion This video worries me.

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Discussion Windows 11 to Windows 10 on a brand-new laptop


I recently purchased the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 from Lenovo, literally just released maybe a month ago, and it came with windows 11 pre-installed. I hate windows 11. I have had all of my computers on windows 11 for the past 7 or 8 months and I just did clean installs on all of them right before I bought this laptop, and I can't tell you how happy I was. I felt right at home! I hadn't used any computer without windows 11 for the period of time I was using windows 11 on my personal computers.

I want to install windows 10 on it and move on with my life again but I am wondering about a few things before I attempt to do this and am seeking some advice from my fellow reddit community:

  1. Will the product key for windows 11 activate windows 10 clean install?
  2. Will it void the warranty on my new laptop?
  3. What are the pros and cons of doing a procedure like this on a brand-new computer?

I am honestly so ecstatic with how well windows 10 runs that I feel like a kid in a candy store. Windows 11 is clunky, very "modern" and just too much nonsense if I am being honest.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have for me! I will be responding to comments as soon as I read them. Thanks everyone!!!

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Discussion Windows Aero is just beautiful

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Discussion Windows DNS / DFS, referral priority


Hi all,

First of all, forgive whatever nonsense I'm about to spout as I'm a network engineer who lacks Windows/DFS experience. Just trying to work out the logic behind DNS and DFS/fileserver fileshares, so that I understand how our users connect to the optimal fileserver (geographically)

So, I've got two file servers, one in the UK and one in the US.
I've got 10 Domain controllers globally.

Users Network Drive is mapped to fileshare domain.localfileserverfolder

the fileservers are fil-srv-uk-001 and fil-srv-us-001

domain.local resolves to said 10 Domain Controller IPs

Pinging domain.local will return one of the 10 IP addresses and then cache that entry until the entry is flushed or renewed. Round Robin I'm assuming.

So I could be in the UK but domain.local resolves to an IP for the DC in New York.

The bit i'm slightly confused about is how when I then connect to said Network Drive, how it determines which of the two file servers to use ? Is it based on a Group Policy rather than anything to do with DNS?

It wouldn't make sense if I connected to a remote DC (because my machine resolved domain.local base don round robin) and use the referral list that it has, as otherwise I'd end up connecting to a less than optimal file server...

Can anyone help explain it in layman terms, how you achieve geographical preference?

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Discussion Supergames699 posted the hex codes of each of the Windows 7 default colours on deviantart, but not Vista’s as well. How does one do it?

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Discussion windows on arm vs x86 running android apps ?


1) Which is better to run Android apps on arm or x86 in terms of better performance and less power consumption?

2) does apk on windows run on arm nativily or needs emulations ?

3) ANDROID app will consume similar ram and less power consumption to android system ?

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Discussion New Laptop Problem


I recently got my laptop back from being fixed and now my account settings, desktop, and passwords are back to default settings. Is there anyway to make my laptop the exact same as it was before?

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Discussion Windows 8.1 is the last truly customisable Windows OS. Is it worth it to downgrade to it for the last few months of support? (Apart from switching to Linux)

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Discussion Windows 10 or Windows Me?

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Feedback Windows Insider is getting needy?


Asking users this question consecutively will likely cause one to NOT recommend.


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Discussion What are some good things about Windows 8.x?


I've found that even on a virtual machine, Windows 8.1 runs extremely smooth and fast, with no black screens or stuttering. It runs at a perfect 60 fps. I think this is because it's very lightweight and uses little resources. I think some UI elements are okay, too, like the Aero Lite window borders.

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Feature You can still change the Windows 10 ribbon UI to the skeuomorphic Windows 7 appearance thanks to SimplexDesignsArt

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Feature Windows Classic theme made better and closer to 2000


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Discussion i feel like those who don't like windows don't really know how to use it


i know i'm gonna make some users mad, but here me out.

a lot of the concerns about windows 10 and even 11 are problems that can be fixed by a simple macro change, or just something they are overlooking entirely. oh, you don't like how much space 10/11 takes up? delete the programs. it can be a pain for impatient users, but if it really bothers you that much, then what's the big deal? oh, you don't like how windows 10/11 updates regularly? windows literally has a task scheduler for that. nowadays, there's a UI in the settings for this, but if you're fancy like me, it can also be done in powershell. again, it's a pain that windows comes with the default setting as update when restarted, but if you really cared about what your computer was doing, why wouldn't you look more into this?

i might be biased. i grew up using windows XP and i, for one, loved windows vista during its prime (mostly because my family had a decent dell tower when i was growing up). i've only grown to love windows more as more updates came out. the only problem i've ever had with windows is when windows 11 released a beta build (not an official release) where tray icons could not be dragged to the taskbar, which was promptly fixed.

let me know of any problems you legit have with windows OS that simply cannot be fixed at all. i'm sure they exist, but i've yet to hear any.

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Bug Windows 11 unable to change to 24 hour time format. (Its currently 19:30, not 07:30 ???? )


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Discussion Task Manager’s CPU numbers are all but meaningless | by Aaron Margosis | Medium

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Discussion Would you pay Microsoft if they sold themes for Win 11 that made it look like any version of windows that have existed?


Anyone else think it would be cool to buy a theme pack that made our computers look and act like windows 98 (with compatibility for modern hardware setups)? Anyone want to see a Vista theme with desktop widgets? I would...